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  * Check SR RM machining test progress (Hirata)

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


  • Type B Past Week Summary
    • Mark and Fabian went to Kashiwa to clean up glue residue on the dummy BS and do a fit/function test of Tatsumi-san's modified tooling.
      • Most of the remaining glue came off with soaking in acetone, but there is still some in the machining grooves in the Al surface. Probably more work is required.
      • A set of cleanroom shoes borrowed from the ATC disintegrated when worn (the plastic had perished from age), which put small pieces of foam all over the floor in Hirose-san's cleanroom and required a lot of clean-up with a sticky roller! Cleanroom suits and shoes for use by Type B team at Mitaka/Kashiwa have been ordered, but will take another week to arrive.
      • The flag holding parts are now much easier to place and remove, much reducing the risk of breaking flags after gluing.
      • The sapphire and metal prisms from both the first BS gluing and the PR3 hanging test mirror were brought back to Mitaka for ultrasonic cleaning to remove glue, so they can be reused.
      • We arranged with Hirose-san to collect the dummy BS and mirror box next Thursday 8/4. (This is conditional on the new clean suits arriving.) Further work will be done at Mitaka.
      • Hirata-san arranged to borrow the NAOJ Hi-Ace van for the trip.
    • Hirata-san found the SR versions of the screws for immobilizing the IM and IRM. These fit much better than the BS ones (despite being the same design) and will be used for the BS.
    • Fabian updated the geophone noise plot with a more accurate calibration and also plotted the S/N over readout noise.

    • Fabian identified 210 g of the 600 g deficiency in the IM mass as due to SS parts on the outside. However identifying the rest would require time-consuming disassembly of the IM, and it's not worth it because whatever the cause, the fix is to design and add more trim mass.
    • Hirata-san measured another filter, and worked on buying various small items.
    • Mark moved most of the contents of a bunch of older Dropbox and OneDrive shared folders into a new /Subsystems/VIS/TypeB folder on the KAGRA Dropbox.

    • Mark worked on a list of considerations for locating the BS rack, in preparation for discussions with Miyakawa-san et al.
  • Type B ongoing issues
    • OSEMs
      • Akutsu-san is working to get wide-mouth OSEMs (2 assembled; first 4 expected to be assembled and washed by 8/8)

    • Longer cables for BF->PI and SF->PI.

      • Connectors RECEIVED, cables being made.
    • SR machining test NEARLY DONE. The part looks good and will be used but the ones for SR3 and SRM will be made from scratch.
    • Lower breadboard stuff
      • Installation to be incorporated into the procedure document. Mark/Takahashi to discuss.
      • Breadboard springs - RECEIVED.
    • Documents
  • To-do list during Mark's vacation
    • Weigh IM/RM/IRM (Fabian, Hirata) - DONE but anomalies found.
    • Pack/ship IM/RM/IRM to Kamioka (Hirata/Fabian) - from 8/1.
    • Analyze geophone data (Fabian/Shoda) - data taken by Shoda-san; Fabian to find calibration factors.
    • Remove glue from dummy BS face (Fabian) - MOSTLY DONE.
    • Reglue flags and prisms (Tatsumi, Fabian) - from Friday 8/5.
    • Clean wire for BS and RM (Hirata) - DONE
    • Get new winch parts for new wire diameters - design received from Ikenoue-san
    • Do fit/function test of winches (Fabian/Hirata)
    • Ship winches to Kamioka (Hirata/Fabian)
    • Work on BS simulation (Fabian)
    • Do Inventor assembly for SR2 in chamber and on assembly frame (Hirata) - ONGOING.
    • Write more of payload assembly procedure (Fabian)
    • Write more of main assembly procedure (Mark)
  • Longer term to-do list
    • Do BS Simulink model (Mark, Kokeyama)
    • Do 2D drawings of SR2 parts (Hirata)
    • Redesign SRx IM wire clamps for larger prisms, remachined RMs.
    • Order SRM/PRM parts (Hirata/Shoda)
    • Order SRx fasteners (Hirata)

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