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  * Hirata-san and Ikenoue-san did a successful function test of the BS winches with the new clamp parts for the thicker wires.
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  * OSEMs
   * First batch of 7 ready for shipping.
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 * To-do list during Mark's vacation
  * Weigh IM/RM/IRM (Fabian, Hirata) - DONE
   * New trim mass - ORDERED.
  * Pack/ship IM/RM/IRM to Kamioka (Hirata/Fabian) - READY TO SHIP.
  * Analyze geophone data (Fabian/Shoda) - DONE.
  * Remove glue from dummy BS face (Fabian) - DONE.
  * Reglue flags and prisms (Tatsumi, Fabian) - DONE.
  * Clean wire for BS and RM (Hirata) - DONE
  * Get new winch parts for new wire diameters - ORDERED, expected 8/5.
  * Do fit/function test of winches (Fabian/Hirata) - fit test DONE, function test from 8/8
  * Ship winches to Kamioka (Hirata/Fabian)
  * Work on BS simulation (Fabian)
 * Longer term to-do list
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 * Longer term to-do list   * Work on BS simulation (Fabian)

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


  • Type B Past Week Summary - week of 8/8
    • Mark, Fabian and Hirata-san cleaned glue off the dummy BS, attached Akutsu-san's new SS mirror plates, reglued the flags and prisms, and removed the gluing hardware, so the dummy BS is ready for shipping. Tatsumi-san's refinements to the tooling (especially the new flag holders) worked very smoothly. We were more generous with the glue and much more careful with the alignment of the prisms to the barrel, both during rehearsal and the final gluing.
    • Mark wrote up the gluing procedure as a new document E1605505. (The original plan was to do an addendum to Tatsumi-san's PR gluing procedure JGW-E1504248, but there was too much material.)

    • Hirata-san organized with Takahashi-san to get the BS payload masses shipped to Kamioka. They will go in an air-ride truck on Wed 8/17 together with a load of Type A stuff, and will arrive early on Thu 8/17.
    • Hirata-san shipped the collection of Type B fasteners to Kamioka, to arrive Mon 8/15.
    • Hirata-san measured another standard filter and cleaned various parts for people.
    • Hirata-san worked on the SR2 Inventor assembly. He spotted a problem with the orientation: given the position of the pistons in the SR2 tank (according to the assembly from Mirapro), mating the standard Type B SR chain and the chamber in the natural way puts the optic at 90° to what it needs to be. A similar problem was found in the Type B Test at Mitaka, and it was eventually worked around, but with some difficulty. Hirata-san will investigate the best way of making a correction.
    • Komori-kun, Kuwahara-kun and Akutsu-san calibrated an initial batch of 7 wide-mouthed OSEMs.
    • Fabian worked on the payload assembly procedure.
  • Type B Past Week Summary - week of 8/15
    • Hirata-san shipped the fasteners to Kamioka, and they arrived Tuesday.
    • Hirata-san shipped a large load of Type A and Type B items, which Mark and Fabian received on Thursday 8/18.
    • Akutsu-san shipped the first 7 OSEMs.
    • Hirata-san and Ikenoue-san did a successful function test of the BS winches with the new clamp parts for the thicker wires.
    • Mark, Fabian and Zhao-kun did a major cleanup and reorganization of the BS clean booth at Kamioka, putting PR2 stuff in boxes, vacuuming and wiping, and making space.
    • Mark, Fabian and Zhao-kun set the crossbeams of the assembly frame to their correct positions and installed the EQ stop ring on top, ready to receive the IM. This is the first actual installation activity for Type B.
  • Type B ongoing issues
    • Longer cables for BF->PI and SF->PI still not received, Takahashi-san to check status.

    • Lower breadboard stuff
      • Installation to be incorporated into the procedure document. Mark/Takahashi to discuss.
    • Documents
  • Longer term to-do list
    • Do Inventor assembly for SR2 in chamber and on assembly frame (Hirata) - ONGOING.
    • Write more of payload assembly procedure (Fabian) - ONGOING
    • Write more of main assembly procedure (Mark) - ONGOING
    • Work on BS simulation (Fabian)
    • Do BS Simulink model (Mark, Kokeyama)
    • Do 2D drawings of SR2 parts (Hirata)
    • Redesign SRx IM wire clamps for larger prisms, remachined RMs
    • Order SRM/PRM parts (Hirata/Shoda)
    • Order SRx fasteners (Hirata)

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