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  * Do Inventor assembly for SR2 in chamber and on assembly frame (Hirata) - ONGOING.   * Do Inventor assembly for SR2 in chamber and on assembly frame (Hirata) - NEARLY DONE.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


  • Type B Past Week Summary - weeks of 8/22 and 8/29
    • Fabian, Mark, Zhao-kun and Yokogawa-kun did BS installation at Kamioka:
      • Weighed the BF, SF and dummy BS (in mirror box).
      • Moved the geophones onto the optical table, clamped them down and took another time series for analysis.
      • Aligned the IM, installed the extra trim masses, tested the picos and weighed the whole assembly.
      • Placed vacuum flanges and cleaned D-Sub cables ready for routing to the rack.
      • Realigned and immobilized the optical table (which had been bumped).
      • Made safety improvements on the second floor (new safety rail, new arrangement of floor pieces, caution tape around holes)
      • Suspended the dummy BS. Currently however it is not hanging correctly, but is off in the +Y direction by several mm relative to the mirror box.
      • We set up the BS OL, using one of the wheeled chests of drawers as a base and using the OL breadboard from the PR2 assembly frame.
    • Hirata-san made a 3D assembly model for SR2 and added the optical design.
    • Hirata-san worked with Uchiyama-san to solve the 90° rotation problem. It turns out the "box" part with the pistons can be rotated, so we can build the SR2 according to the original design.
    • Hirata-san investigated the puzzle of the BF-IM maraging rods, where the 2D drawings and 3D CAD do not agree. Fortunately the actual parts seem to agree with the 3D CAD.
    • Hirata-san washed 3 OSEMs (last of initial 10 for BS) and parts for two BFs (for Type A). He moved the BF parts into the clean room and will assemble them with ATC staff from next Wednesday 9/7.
  • Type B ongoing issues
    • Longer cables for BF->PI and SF->PI - RECEIVED

  • Longer term to-do list
    • Decide position of BS rack - DONE
    • Do Inventor assembly for SR2 in chamber and on assembly frame (Hirata) - NEARLY DONE.
    • Write more of payload assembly procedure (Fabian) - ONGOING
    • Write more of BS Assembly Procedure E1504235, E1504235 draft (Mark) - ONGOING

    • Lower breadboard installation to be incorporated into the procedure document.
    • Work on BS simulation (Fabian)
    • Do BS Simulink model (Mark, Kokeyama)
    • Do 2D drawings of SR2 parts (Hirata)
    • Redesign SRx IM wire clamps for larger prisms, remachined RMs
    • Order SRM/PRM parts (Hirata/Shoda)
    • Order SRx fasteners (Hirata)

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