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 * Hirata-san produced a near-final Inventor assembly of the BS on the assembly frame, for use in writing the assembly procedure.
  * Includes assembly frame modifications suggested by Mirapro, including feet, wheels, lifting eyes, thicker crossbars under BF, IM etc.
  * Includes final rail system except for interface plate to mirror box.
  * Includes full PI with ballast masses.
  * Includes cable clamps.
  * Includes correct versions of BF and SF.
  * Includes new BF pushrod parts to work around different placement of blade screws in new version of BF.
  * Includes cleanbag support bars.
  * Includes key parts of mirror box (enough to check for interference) - needs more work.
  * Does not include various invisible duplicate assemblies that had been present due to cut and paste.
  * After a few more improvements, the new assembly will be sent back to Mirapro.
 * Got status from Miyakawa-san on electronics - there should be enough of the boxes AEL is supplying.
 * Cleanbag design was finalized; Aso-san is ordering: [[attachment:160419-チャンバーカバーⅡ型.pdf]]
 * Quote for flags and prisms was received, but expensive - may drop rigid flag design.
 * The mirror box will require only very minor modifications for flags and prisms - Tatsumi-san will arrange immediately.
 * Fabian worked on understanding Sekiguchi-san's control design to help decide optimum wire thickness.
 * Mark worked on install procedure and schedule.
 * Takahashi-san enquired with NIKHEF about oscillator cards for LVDT chassis - lead time would be 3-4 months.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


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