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 * Mark worked on task lists and schedule.  * Mark worked on task lists and schedule, but has not been able to log into the server to upload anything.

Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


  • Mark and Fabian debugged the rubbing issue with the BS. It turns out the EQ stops between the IRM and IM are so misaligned that they can't be used at all. This misalignment was noted on 10/27 klog 2090 but seems to have gotten worse. With the stops removed, the OSEMs (adjusted on 10/27) are still fairly well centered, so the problem probably predates the earthquake of 11/1.

  • Mark worked on the PR2 rack:
    • Rearranged the items in the rack to make space for new AA and AI chassis at the bottom near the IO chassis.
    • Replaced the AA chassis, which had had a group of channels marked as bad by Michimura-san.
    • Installed a second AA chassis and a second AI chassis in the rack.
    • Installed a second ADC card and a second DAC card in the IO chassis.
    • Modified the k1ioppr2 real-time model to recognize the new ADC/DAC cards and also the extra DIO cards installed previously.
    • Attempted to modify the k1visbs real-time model to recognize the new ADC/DAC cards. Unfortunately, apparently due to changes to library parts made by Okutomi-san, neither the original model or Okutomi-san's new model can be successfully compiled and installed anymore! Debugging is ongoing.
  • Fabian finished the redesign of the EQ stops for the BS RM. Hirata-san will refine the 3D design and do drawings (estimated 1/2 day).
  • Fabian redesigned the cable clamp on top of the multi-purpose cube (on the BS RM) to avoid the need for clips. (These are too easily moved when the cables are moved during installation and removal of the safety bar between the RM and IM, which has to be done many times.) He will do a similar one for SR.
  • Mark and Fabian reviewed the previous iJect payload parts order and flagged the items that need updating.
  • Mark worked on task lists and schedule, but has not been able to log into the server to upload anything.
  • Hirata-san finished the PR/SR mirror box modifications.
  • Hirata-san washed parts (screws and collets).

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