Scraps of text for incorporation in the VIS Meeting Minutes


Dear Mark,

I did for Type-B as below,
・modified parts list and screw list for Payload.
・sent lists to i-ject and asked for quotes.
(But we need to send latest list again.)
・made drawings for some jigs and some parts for payload.

For PR
・searched glueing jigs.
・washed and assembled recoilmass base for mirror hanging jigs, and sent them to Kamioka.
・washed additional masses for IM and sent them to Kamioka.

For others
・washed IMMT plate and send them to Kamioka.

Best regards,


Succinctly, it is as follows: 

1. Mechanical design:

    a. Pull down system to fix the power recycling IM to the EQ stop.
    b. EQ stop for the BS recoil mass.

2. Checked assembly PR/SR drawings. There were few corrections/changes.

3. Checked fastener list. There were few corrections/changes.

4. Checked component list for the manufacture order. There were few corrections/changes.

5. I helped in searching for the PR mirror box missing pieces at Mitaka.