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= VIS Type B Near Term To-Do List = = VIS Type B BS Near Term To-Do List =
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To-Do List 2017-03-13 This list has been merged into the common Type B list: [[../ToDo]].
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== Facilities ==
 * Vacuum and roll floor (All)
 * Wipe ladders (All)
 * Tidy tools, parts (All)
 * Find missing light lent to Kokeyama-san (Mark)
 * Mark/photograph/count peeling patches on the floor.
 * Mark/photograph/count pillars with bare concrete bases.

== Electronics ==

 * Wire up BF roll/pitch picos (Enzo)
 * Work with Miyo-kun to get pico drivers added to BS rack and screens (Enzo, Mark)
 * Grab remaining cables etc per E1605111 and update document (Enzo)
 * Update E1503600 with DIO card for HPCDs, etc, etc. (Enzo)
 * Decide final length for BS OSEM cables (Enzo, Mark, Fabian)
 * Send list of required in-vacuum cables to Takahashi-san (Enzo, Mark)
 * Debug 900 Hz noise on BF LVDT output (Enzo, Mark)
 * Debug excess noise on TM-H3 OSEM (Enzo, Mark)
 * Make table of ADC/DAC assignments and check for consistency with D1503600 and k1visbs (Enzo, Mark)
 * Make spreadsheet on Google Docs or the like with in-vacuum cable inventory (Hirata)

== PI Prep ==
 * Inspect PI, compare to CAD and 2D drawings (Hirata, Mark)
 * Identify missing PI parts (Hirata, Mark)
 * Find and reattach repaired LVDT coil(s) (???)

== Hanging BF/IRM/IM/RM/BS ==
 * Correct orientation of SF cap (Mark, Fabian, Perry)
 * Correct orientation of SF (Mark, Fabian, Perry)
 * Find/attach cable clamps for SF (Fabian)

== Real-time and SUMCON models ==
 * Update SUMCON model of full BS (Perry?, Okitomi?, Mark?)
 * Do cut-down SUMCON model of just payload hanging from fixed BS (Perry?, Okitomi?, Mark?)
 * Compare measured TFs to cut-down model
 * Create a proper DAC Monitor MEDM screen
 * Improve ADC Monitor MEDM screen
[[../ToDoOldBS|Archived BS To-Do Items]]

VIS Type B BS Near Term To-Do List

This list has been merged into the common Type B list: ../ToDo.

Archived BS To-Do Items

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