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= VIS Type B Near Term To-Do List = = VIS Type B BS Near Term To-Do List =
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[[../ToDoOld|Archived To-Do Items]] This list has been merged into the common Type B list: [[../ToDo]].
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[[#EveryWeek |Every Week]]

[[#ComingWeeks |Coming Weeks]]

[[#RealBSHang|Preparation for Real BS Hang]]

[[#SRPrepTasks|Preparation for SR Installation]]


== Every Week ==
=== Facilities ===
 * Vacuum and roll floor.
 * Wipe ladders.
 * Tidy tools, parts.
 * Get stuff from [[../WishList]]

== 2017-08-21 ==
=== Design/Documentation/Planning ===
 * Update BS Install Procedure with screenshots from new on-assembly-frame 3D CAD.

=== Main Assembly ===
 * Wrap new IM bottom ballast masses (Mozumi).
 * Install new IM masses.
 * Set up optical level.
 * Adjust IM ballast mass to give desired roll/pitch/vertical.
 * Level BF.
 * Cable BF LVDT, test and calibrate.
 * Adjust top of IRM to level.
 * Install IRM side panels.
 * Install IRM OSEMs.
 * Cable IRM OSEMs and test.
 * Adjust IRM and IRM OSEMs to get good alignment of IRM OSEMs and IM-IRM stops.
 * Add extra ballast mass to BF.
 * Add BF cap but don't anchor cables.
 * Cable and test BF cap picos.
 * Lift BF/IRM/IM/RM/BS and weigh.
 * Adjust BF ballast if necessary.
 * Crane in SF.
 * Hook up BF/IRM/IM/RM/BS.
 * Route cables up to SF.
 * Adjust BF ballast if necessary.

=== Time permitting ===
  * Lay more new in-air cabling.

== Real BS Hang Tasks ==
=== Major Tasks ===
 * Finish assembly drawing for LBB and LBB damper ring and post on JGWDoc (Hirata-san).
 * Get pico drive screens fixed (Miyo-kun)
 * Final ballast mass production for BF and SF (Hirata-san). (have quotes)
 * Design of receptacles for rods with 8 mm heads.
 * Possible rebuild of BF and/or SF
  * Set up build/test stand for filters.
  * Get filter test weights.
  * Find spare BF blade(s).
 * Reclean stuff:
  * PI (remove Kapton tape etc, etc).
  * LLB damper stuff, especially Cu segments.
 * Calibrate PI vertical LVDT.
 * Set yoke on PI vertical LVDT (if necessary).
 * Calibrate PI horizontal LVDTs.

=== Minor Tasks ===
==== Mechanical ====
 * Get clean bag laundered.
 * Put pointy-tipped screw in RM trolley for BS
 * --(Swap out temporary ballast mass in BF)--, SF.
 * Return/replace borrowed parts:
  * Lock washers for LBB dampers
  * Temporary ballast mass (dog clamps) in BF.
  * Wide-mouth OSEMs from RM to Akutsu-san
 * --(Adjust height of crossbars below BF.)--
 * --(If possible, fix galled pole in BF level of EQ stop.)--
 * Swap in new F0-SF maraging rod (with 8-mm heads) and new receptacles to match.
 * --(Check inside SF for lost ruler.)--
 * Tighten PI yaw return spring.
 * Get Cu O-rings for feedthroughs.

==== Electrical ====
 * Decide final in-vacuum and in-air cable routing (Enzo).
 * Calibrate all LVDTs (Enzo, Mark).
 * Remove cling wrap in BF and install vacuum-compatible heat shrink.
 * Remove cling wrap on connections for PI vertical stepper and install vacuum-compatible heat shrink (needs wider diameter heat shrink or smaller pins).
 * Rewire PI horizontal steppers with vacuum-compatible cable.
 * Adjust yoke on BF to put top of secondary at 6 mm above top of baseplate (or to give ≈0 counts at nominal height).

==== Real-time and SUMCON models ====
 * Create SUMCON models for full BS and major installation milestones.
 * Create controls design description (cf [[https://dcc.ligo.org/LIGO-T1100378/public|LIGO-T1100378]]).
 * Make table of ADC/DAC assignments and check for consistency with D1503600 and k1visbs (Enzo, Mark)
 * Understand/document/debug Kokeyama-san's DIO stuff.
 * Measure LPCD and HPCD output filter response.
 * Design and install software compensation filters for LPCD and HPCD output filters.
 * Design and install GAS drift compensation filters.
 * Create a proper DAC Monitor MEDM screen.
 * Improve ADC Monitor MEDM screen.


== SR Prep Tasks ==
=== Design/Purchasing ===
 * Do rough mass budget for SR2/SR3/SRM.
 * Design SR assembly frame.
 * Design final SF ballast masses (Fabian).
==== Order now ====
 * Bread boards for SR -> すぐ見積り依頼
 * Include installation work in the contract
 * Total budget = 5MJPY
 * PEEK collet for "Small hexagon"(cable clamp) -> すぐ見積り依頼

==== Need simple design changes ====
 * SUS wires(3 types) for the LBB
  * Change the length -> すぐ見積り依頼
 * Receptacles for Bread board damper
  * There is a mistake in the PROMEC drawing.
  * Hirata-san will make a new 2D drawing
 * IM wire clamps for SR
  * Need to change the height
 * SR assembly frame -> 月曜日に見積り依頼
  * Mark is checking the design from Fabian
  * We should order the parts necessary to modify the BS assembly frame to the SR2 assembly frame

==== Need Fabian's input ====
 * Cable clamps for BF,SF and PI -> 方式を決める
  * Design change for the PI clamps, because the SR PIs are NIKHEF ones.
 * Ballast masses for BF and SF
 * 製作に2週間程度
 * 10月頭にTop Filterの最適荷重を実測。それに合わせて発注。それまでにデザインは用意しておく。
  * 測定に必要な物品の準備 -> 月曜日に高橋さんと相談

==== Need more discussion/checks ====
 * Blade spring assembly for LBB
  * Check the load of the LBB and decide the design load of the springs
  * Correct the length
  * Scale the width of the current blades to design the new blades -> 高橋さんと相談
   * SR用LBBの重さを確認
 * Bread board damper rings
  * Need to check whether we can put a full ring into the chamber from the side flanges or not. -> 至急確認

=== Electronics ===
 * Get cables/cards for SR3:
  * 5 DSub-37 cables (tent)
  * 5 DSub-15M to DSub-9M adapter cables (tent)
  * 3 DIO cards (tent)
  * 2 DSub-9 FF gender benders (for LVDTs)
  * extra ADC card(s)?
  * extra DAC card(s)?
  * BNC-LEMO adapter (for LVDTs)
  * etc
[[../ToDoOldBS|Archived BS To-Do Items]]

VIS Type B BS Near Term To-Do List

This list has been merged into the common Type B list: ../ToDo.

Archived BS To-Do Items

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