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[[../ToDoSR|SR To-Do Items]]

[[#EveryWeek |Every Week]]

[[#ComingWeeks |Coming Weeks]]


== Every Week ==
=== Facilities ===
 * Vacuum and roll floor.
 * Wipe ladders.
 * Tidy tools, parts.
 * Get stuff from [[../WishList]]


== ASAP ==

 * Calibrate LEN OL
  * Ask commissioning team for window of opportunity.
  * Turn off TILT OL control.
  * Uncover breadboard.
  * Scan LEN QPD in horizontal and vertical while noting output.
  * Recenter LEN QPD.
  * Re-cover breadboard.
  * Re-engage TILT control.

=== Main Assembly Sequence ===
 * Necessary for phase-I★★★
  * --(Modify IP LVDT damping filters to include set point.)--
  * --(TFs.)--
  * '''''EXCHANGE YAW/VERT FRs at F0'''''
  * Check IP BIO is working or not.

 * Necessary for phase-II★★
  * Calibrate IP LVDT actuation against IP LVDT sensing. (Klog 3553? http://klog.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/osl/?r=3553)
  * Design PI Sensor blending filter.
  * Re-calibrate F0 GAS LVDT
  * Tune the LVDT sensitivity
  * Measure IP period; adjust ballast mass.

 * At some point (remotely)★
  * Improve OL offloading.
  * Improve GAS offloading.
  * Spectral analysis of Oplev.
  * Design, install angular lock servo using OL. (Almost done for phase-I)
  * Adjust gains and debug damping for IM OSEMs and GAS LVDTs. (Almost done for phase-I)
  * Subtract DC level of Geophones.
  * Spectra analysis of PI sensors (PI LVDTs and Geophones).
  * Calibrate IP LVDT sensing against IP LVDT actuation, IP FRs.
  * Set all EQ stops to TBD clearance.
  * Modify the model for IP coil driver control

=== Documentation and Operation Manual ===
 * Add useful info from Enzo's notebook to BSData.

== Tasks Not To Forget ==
=== Major Tasks ===
 * Move safety bars from BS AF area to SR2 area.
 * Close hole in floor above BS AF area.
 * Update circuit diagram.
 * (Time permitting) Try adding mass to IP.
 * Update BS Install Procedure with screenshots from new on-assembly-frame 3D CAD.
 * Finish assembly drawing for LBB and LBB damper ring and post on JGWDoc (Hirata-san).
 * Figure out how to make PI yaw adjustment reliable.

=== Minor Tasks ===
==== Mechanical ====
 * Put pointy-tipped screw in RM trolley for BS
 * Return/replace borrowed parts:
  * Temporary ballast mass (dog clamps) in BF.

==== Electrical ====
 * Update BS Circuit diagram, D1503600
  * Make generic for BS+SRx??? No, there are some differences. Still we need to summarize.
  * --(Note removal of LED/PD on TM OSEMs.)--
  * Include information on assignment of channels to feedthrough positions.
  * Reflect gender-changers and non-flipping feedthrough adapters.
  * Reflect actual cable lengths.
  * Include LVDT pin size (1 mm).
  * Include Stepper pin size (1.6 mm).
  * Undo renumbering of IP items.
  * --(Page 10: "DIO Card # 0" should be "DIO Card # 1")--
  * --(Include OutConfigBoards on OL page (Sheet 18).)--

==== Real-time and SUMCON models ====
 * Create SUMCON models for full BS and major installation milestones.
 * Create controls design description (cf [[https://dcc.ligo.org/LIGO-T1100378/public|LIGO-T1100378]]).
 * Make table of ADC/DAC assignments and check for consistency with D1503600 and k1visbs (Enzo, Mark)
 * Understand/document/debug Kokeyama-san's DIO stuff.
 * Measure LPCD and HPCD output filter response.
 * Design and install software compensation filters for LPCD and HPCD output filters.

VIS Type B BS Near Term To-Do List

This list has been merged into the common Type B list: ../ToDo.

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