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[[KAGRA/Subgroups/VIS/TypeB/ToDoOldSR|Archived To-Do Items]]
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[[#EveryWeek|Every Week]] This list has been merged into the common Type B list: [[../ToDo]].
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[[#ComingWeeks|Coming Weeks]]

[[#SRPrepTasks|Preparation for SR Installation]]


== Every Week ==
==== Facilities ====
 * Vacuum and roll floor.
 * Wipe ladders, assembly frame.
 * Tidy tools, parts.
 * Get stuff from ../WishList

== Coming Weeks ==

=== 2018-09-03 ===
==== Etc ====
 * --(Check SR2-SR3 duct (since Mirapro moved it) to see if we have adequate space at both ends.)--
 * --(Help crane inspectors on Monday and Wednesday mornings.)--
 * --(Inspect all crane slot curtains (SR, BS, PR), note which are missing, and decide which should be closed up immediately versus later. (For example, SR2 and SR3 have missing curtains that could be replaced semi-permanently because we probably don't need to crane stuff into those areas anymore.))--
 * Shut down all electronics before leaving on Friday.
 * Update electronics items lists to reflect removed ADC stuff.

==== SR2 (highest priority) ====
 * Cable PI items
  * --(LVDTs)--
  * --(Steppers)--
  * Geophones
 * Finish in-air cabling.
 * Do basic go/no-go test of electronic items.
  * --(IM OSEMs.)--
  * --(IM Picos.)--
  * BF Picos
  * Steppers.
  * F0 LVDT.
  * SF LVDT.
  * BF LVDT.
  * IP LVDT.
  * Geophones.
 * Adjust ballast/trim mass of SF, with reserve for yaw stepper.
 * Set SF damper magnet ring height.
 * Check/tweak alignment of chain and security structure.
 * Fix IM yaw.
 * Check alignment of IM OSEMs.
 * Check optic pitch.
 * --(Center all IP FRs.)--
 * --(Add arc weights and geophones and center IP.)--
 * Crane suspension into tank
==== SRM (as time permits) ====
 * Set up pitch-setting OL.
 * Add TM OSEM cables.
 * Set TM pitch and tighten clamps.
 * Set RM pitch and tighten clamps.
 * Remove winch system and restore items removed from top of IM.
 * Install feedthroughs on AF.
 * Fire up SRM rack.

==== SR3 ====
 * ''Don't even '''think''' about doing anything with SR3.''


== SR Prep Tasks - To Be Scheduled ==
=== Tunnel ===
 * Add SR3 LBB ballast mass.
 * Install SR3 LEN OL.
 * Rebuild PI #2 F0 for SRM.
 * Retrieve BNC-Lemo cable from Nakano-kun.
 * Get at least one BIO Converter chassis fully connected (CONTEC BIO card, WD and stepper motor chassis) for implementation and test of stepper motor reset function.
 * Install, cable SR3 PI yaw stepper.
 * Correct flipped connections in SRM PI LVDTs.
 * Grab and configure a picomotor driver as SR2_BF
 * Check SR2, SR3 TM coil gains for magnet polarity compensation.
 * --(Calibrate last six IM OSEMs.)--
 * --(Install geophone plates on PI #1 for SR2.)--
 * Rebuild filter in PI #2 for SRM.
 * Clean/Replace yoke in PI #2 for SRM.
 * Install clamps on PI #2 for SRM.
 * Install LBB blade units on PI #2 for SRM.
 * Install geophone plates on PI #2 for SRM.
 * Replace chipped magnets (12x12x12 mm) in SR3 IP, H1 and H2.

=== Mitaka or remotely ===
 * Write generic Type B Guardian; make BS and SR3 inherit from it; make analog WD optional for now (all suspensions will get them eventually).
 * Create software stepper drivers for SR3 and SRM and link to them from STEP_MASTER.adl screen.
 * Make three in-air stepper splitter cables for SR2, SR3 and SRM. [done?]
 * (Continue to) soak the sapphire prisms off the dummy BS for reuse on the SRM metal mass.
 * Set up SR2 Guardian.
 * Install damping filters for SR2.
 * Review DAC channel requests.
 * Set up SR2 Guardian.
 * Install damping filters for SR2.
 * Split SRx real-time models?

=== Ordering ===
See ../WishList .
[[KAGRA/Subgroups/VIS/TypeB/ToDoOldSR|Archived SR To-Do Items]]

VIS Type B SR Near Term To-Do List

This list has been merged into the common Type B list: ../ToDo.

Archived SR To-Do Items

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