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[[KAGRA/Subgroups/VIS/TypeB/ToDoOldSR|Archived To-Do Items]]
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[[#EveryWeek|Every Week]] This list has been merged into the common Type B list: [[../ToDo]].
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[[#ComingWeeks|Coming Weeks]]

[[#SRPrepTasks|Preparation for SR Installation]]


== Every Week ==
==== Facilities ====
 * Vacuum and roll floor.
 * Wipe ladders, assembly frame.
 * Tidy tools, parts.
 * Get stuff from ../WishList

== Coming Weeks ==

=== 2018-09-10 ===
==== Etc ====
 * Bring BS, SR2, SR3 racks back up.
 * Update electronics items lists to reflect removed ADC stuff.

==== SR2 ====
 * Cable PI items
  * Geophones
 * Finish in-air cabling (sort out and relabel rack and feedthrough ends of any repurposed cables).
 * Do basic go/no-go test of electronic items.
  * TM OSEM actuation.
  * IM OSEM actuation.
  * BF Picos
  * F0 Stepper.
  * SF Stepper.
  * BF Stepper.
  * IP Steppers.
  * IP LVDTs.
  * Geophones.
 * Check SF keystone height and offload with FR as necessary.
 * Adjust ballast/trim mass of SF, with reserve for yaw stepper.
 * Set SF damper magnet ring height.
 * Check/tweak optic pitch.
 * TFs.
==== SRM ====
 * Add TM OSEM cables.
 * Set TM pitch and tighten clamps.
 * Set RM pitch and tighten clamps.
 * Remove winch system and restore items removed from top of IM.
 * Suspend and weigh IM/... section.
 * Add BF crossbars to SS.
 * Build up SS to BF level.
 * Suspend IM/... section and adjust ballast/trim masses.
 * Install feedthroughs on AF (3 available; need to get a 4th).
 * Arrange power to SRM rack and get it running.
 * Check the IRIG-B 9999xx fix has been applied (klog [[http://klog.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/osl/index.php?r=6031||6031]]).

==== SR3 ====
 * ''Don't even '''think''' about doing anything with SR3.''


== SR Prep Tasks - To Be Scheduled ==
=== Tunnel ===
 * Add SR3 LBB ballast mass.
 * Install SR3 LEN OL.
 * Rebuild PI #2 F0 for SRM.
 * Retrieve BNC-Lemo cable from Nakano-kun.
 * Get at least one BIO Converter chassis fully connected (CONTEC BIO card, WD and stepper motor chassis) for implementation and test of stepper motor reset function.
 * Install, cable SR3 PI yaw stepper.
 * Correct flipped connections in SRM PI LVDTs.
 * Grab and configure a picomotor driver as SR2_BF
 * Check SR2, SR3 TM coil gains for magnet polarity compensation.
 * Rebuild filter in PI #2 for SRM.
 * Clean/Replace yoke in PI #2 for SRM.
 * Install clamps on PI #2 for SRM.
 * Install LBB blade units on PI #2 for SRM.
 * Install geophone plates on PI #2 for SRM.
 * Replace chipped magnets (12x12x12 mm) in SR3 IP, H1 and H2.

=== Mitaka or remotely ===
 * Write generic Type B Guardian; make BS and SR3 inherit from it; make analog WD optional for now (all suspensions will get them eventually).
 * Create software stepper drivers for SR3 and SRM and link to them from STEP_MASTER.adl screen.
 * Make three in-air stepper splitter cables for SR2, SR3 and SRM. [done?]
 * (Continue to) soak the sapphire prisms off the dummy BS for reuse on the SRM metal mass.
 * Set up SR2 Guardian.
 * Install damping filters for SR2.
 * Review DAC channel requests.
 * Set up SR2 Guardian.
 * Install damping filters for SR2.
 * Split SRx real-time models?

=== Ordering ===
See ../WishList .
[[KAGRA/Subgroups/VIS/TypeB/ToDoOldSR|Archived SR To-Do Items]]

VIS Type B SR Near Term To-Do List

This list has been merged into the common Type B list: ../ToDo.

Archived SR To-Do Items

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