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  * Get and install CuBe spring.   * Wash and install CuBe spring.

VIS Type B SR Near Term To-Do List

Archived To-Do Items

Every Week

Coming Weeks

Preparation for SR Installation

Every Week


  • Vacuum and roll floor.
  • Wipe ladders, assembly frame.
  • Tidy tools, parts.
  • Get stuff from ../WishList

Coming Weeks


SRM (top priority)

  • Main sequence
    • Adjust H2 and H3 OSEMs laterally and in/out.
    • Weigh BF/... section and adjust trim mass to fix pitch/roll.
    • Anchor cables to BF cap.
    • Install SF crossbars.
    • Build up SS to SF ring.
    • Bring in SF.
    • Hook BF/... .
  • PI
    • Add more cable clamps.
    • Wash and install CuBe spring.

  • Electronics
    • Scavenge HPCDs from SR2 and SR3.
    • Organize to get LPCDs modified.

SR2 (low priority)

  • More TFs
  • Add more arc weights?
  • Do control filter design and installation.
  • Do measurement of yaw torque required for F0 yaw adjustment.
  • Gather items for SR2 OL.


  • Tidy up:
    • Gather all PR/SR gluing tools and clean/label/organize them.
    • Move safety bar stuff to portable cleanroom between SR2 and SR3.
    • Clear space under SR3 stairs.
    • Etc, etc, etc.
  • Monitor AF disassembly.
  • Get SR2 optical table moved to SR3 area (under stairs).
  • Move cables; set up for geophone testing.
  • Make more feedthrough adaptors.

SR Prep Tasks - To Be Scheduled


  • Get at least one BIO Converter chassis fully connected (CONTEC BIO card, WD and stepper motor chassis) for implementation and test of stepper motor reset function.
  • Install, cable PI yaw steppers.
  • Correct flipped connections in SRM PI LVDTs.
  • Check SR2, SR3 TM coil gains for magnet polarity compensation.
  • Replace chipped magnets (12x12x12 mm) in SR3 IP, H1 and H2.

Mitaka or remotely

  • Write generic Type B Guardian; make BS and SR3 inherit from it; make analog WD optional for now (all suspensions will get them eventually).
  • Create software stepper drivers for SR3 and SRM and link to them from STEP_MASTER.adl screen.
  • Make three in-air stepper splitter cables for SR2, SR3 and SRM. [done?]
  • (Continue to) soak the sapphire prisms off the dummy BS for reuse on the SRM metal mass.
  • Set up SR2 Guardian.
  • Install damping filters for SR2.
  • Review DAC channel requests.
  • Set up SR2 Guardian.
  • Install damping filters for SR2.
  • Split SRx real-time models?


See ../WishList .

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