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  * Set tank jacks to nominal height.
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 * Set up OL.
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 * LBB
  * Crane LBB ring sandwich to top of tank.
  * Set tank jacks to nominal height.
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==== SR2 (low priority) ====
 * Set up OL pillar and shelf (with Akutsu-san).
 * Set up OL cabling.
 * Set up OL.
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 * Set up SR2 Guardian.

VIS Type B SR Near Term To-Do List

Archived To-Do Items

Every Week

Coming Weeks

Preparation for SR Installation

Every Week


  • Vacuum and roll floor.
  • Wipe ladders, assembly frame.
  • Tidy tools, parts.
  • Get stuff from ../WishList

Coming Weeks


SRM (top priority)

  • Etc
    • Solder more cables.

    • Ultrasonically clean more cables.

    • Work out optimum LPCD output resistance; get one box modified.

    • Work out how to change LPCD watchdog threshold; get one box modified.
  • LBB
    • Lay out LBB damper ring pieces near tank.

    • Put magnets on LBB magnet ring.
    • Move KOACH filters
    • Put LBB damper rings in tank.
  • Main sequence
    • Run DC power and network to SRM_IP stepper driver.

    • Add all steppers and picos to driver list and MEDM screens.

    • Prepare SF magnet ring.

    • Install #353 poles

    • Move NB-03 jacks down; disassemble top of AF.

    • Crane PI into AF.

    • Install F0-SF rod (#331) and flying saucer.

    • Route SF/... cables up to underside of F0.

    • Install weaker CuBe spring.

    • Add SF trim mass to leave 1.2 kg margin.

    • Tweak BF trim mass to compensate for new cables.

    • Measure bounce frequencies.

    • Do vertical height budget.

SR2 (low priority)

  • Unclamp LBB ring sandwich.

  • Set LBB receptacles to CAD positions.

  • Remove spacers; get LBB hanging.



  • LBB
    • Crane LBB ring sandwich to top of tank.
    • Set tank jacks to nominal height.
  • Main sequence
    • Cable/test IP LVDTs.
    • Cable/test IP FRs.
    • Unlock IP and center roughly.
    • Calibrate IP LVDTs.
    • Check/adjust alignment of SS.
    • Add arc weights and geophones (or extra mass equivalent to geophones).
    • Cable/test geophones.
    • Improve centering/tuning of IP and SS alignment.

SR2 (low priority)

  • Set up OL pillar and shelf (with Akutsu-san).
  • Set up OL cabling.
  • Set up OL.

SR Prep Tasks - To Be Scheduled


  • Check which LVDT cards are in which boxes.
  • Get at least one BIO Converter chassis fully connected (CONTEC BIO card, WD and stepper motor chassis) for implementation and test of stepper motor reset function.
  • Install, cable PI yaw steppers.
  • Correct flipped connections in SRM PI LVDTs.
  • Check SR2, SR3 TM coil gains for magnet polarity compensation.
  • Replace chipped magnets (12x12x12 mm) in SR3 IP, H1 and H2.

Mitaka or remotely

  • Write generic Type B Guardian; make BS and SR3 inherit from it; make analog WD optional for now (all suspensions will get them eventually).
  • Create software stepper drivers for SR3 and SRM and link to them from STEP_MASTER.adl screen.
  • Make three in-air stepper splitter cables for SR2, SR3 and SRM. [done?]
  • (Continue to) soak the sapphire prisms off the dummy BS for reuse on the SRM metal mass.
  • Install damping filters for SR2.
  • Review DAC channel requests.
  • Set up SR2 Guardian.
  • Install damping filters for SR2.
  • Split SRx real-time models?


See ../WishList .

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