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 * Wipe/blow frame.
 * Drape clean bag.
 * Reinstall L-brackets
 * Crane in IM.
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 * Install new jack receptacles (in SR3 area, second floor) on load gauge adapter (SR2 area, second floor).

VIS Type B SR Near Term To-Do List

Archived To-Do Items

Every Week

Coming Weeks

Preparation for SR Installation

Every Week


  • Vacuum and roll floor.
  • Wipe ladders.
  • Tidy tools, parts.
  • Get stuff from ../WishList


  • Center IM.
  • Set up optical lever for leveling optic.
  • Hang optic.
  • Hang RM.
  • Cable up OSEMs.
  • Find in-vac cables:
    • 1 x Type 3-2m
    • 5 x Type 1-2m
  • Set up SR2 rack
    • Get more 1-m power cables and connect up remaining boxes.
    • Run LAN and power cables for stepper drivers.
  • Do inventory of ballast masses.
  • Review Shoda-san's Guardian.
  • Decide if we're really going to renumber IP channels.
  • Review DIO stuff.
  • Review SR2 model (especially screens, macro text file).
  • Review DAC channel requests.

SR Prep Tasks - To Be Scheduled

  • Find out (from Takahashi-san) specifications for geophone pod items:
    • Screws for pod (cap-neck and neck-body).
    • Cu O-rings for pod (two sizes).

    • Viton O-ring for under geophone.
    • Screws for immobilizing geophone (M4?).
    • Screws for geophone to interface plate.
    • Screws for interface plate to PI.
  • Find or order geophone items.
  • Get geophone circuit boards from Okutomi-san.
  • Find fourth feedthrough
  • Hassle Miyo-kun for stepper drivers.
  • Finish mass budget for SR2/SR3/SRM (Fabian) - mostly done.
  • Design final SF ballast masses (Fabian).
  • Get safety bars moved.
  • Get air hose connection moved.

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