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 * Find collet from maraging rod adapter.  * --(Find collet from maraging rod adapter.)--
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 * Take photos and make notes about where SR2 safety bars need to go (time permitting, also SR3).  * --(Take photos and make notes about where SR2 safety bars need to go)-- (time permitting, also SR3).

VIS Type B SR Near Term To-Do List

Archived To-Do Items

Every Week

Coming Weeks

Preparation for SR Installation

Every Week


  • Vacuum and roll floor.
  • Wipe ladders.
  • Tidy tools, parts.
  • Get stuff from ../WishList


  • Find collet from maraging rod adapter.

  • Wrap and label BS parts.
  • Bring work table from PR2 area.
  • Bring racks from SRM area.
  • Take photos and make notes about where SR2 safety bars need to go (time permitting, also SR3).

  • Look for needed screws, especially for IM.
  • Bring SR2 into tunnel?
  • Find mirror gluing items.
    • Mirror
    • Mirror box
    • Prisms

    • Secondary prisms
    • Magnets
    • Magnet bases
    • Prism micrometer stages
    • Prism jigs

    • Magnet jigs
    • Balance

    • Stirrers

    • Mixing dishes

    • Lenses for inspecting scribe lines
    • Procedure document.
    • EP30
    • Glass beads
  • Rehearse mirror gluing.

SR Prep Tasks


  • Do rough mass budget for SR2/SR3/SRM.
  • Design final SF ballast masses (Fabian).

Order now

  • Bread boards for SR -> Orderd. delivery date:10/18-20

  • Include installation work in the contract
  • Total budget = 5MJPY
  • PEEK collet for "Small hexagon"(cable clamp) -> need modification.

Need simple design changes

  • SUS wires(3 types) for the LBB
    • Change the length -> Orderd. delivery date:10/

  • Receptacles for Bread board damper
    • There is a mistake in the PROMEC drawing.
    • Hirata-san will make a new 2D drawing
  • IM wire clamps for SR
    • Need to change the height -> watiting second quote.

  • SR assembly frame -> Ordered. delivery date:9/27-29

    • Mark is checking the design from Fabian
    • We should order the parts necessary to modify the BS assembly frame to the SR2 assembly frame

Need Fabian's input

  • Cable clamps for BF,SF and PI -> 方式を決める

    • Design change for the PI clamps, because the SR PIs are NIKHEF ones.
  • Ballast masses for BF and SF
  • 製作に2週間程度
  • 10月頭にTop Filterの最適荷重を実測。それに合わせて発注。それまでにデザインは用意しておく。
    • 測定に必要な物品の準備 -> 月曜日に高橋さんと相談

Need more discussion/checks

  • Blade spring assembly for LBB
    • Check the load of the LBB and decide the design load of the springs
    • Correct the length
    • Scale the width of the current blades to design the new blades -> 高橋さんと相談

      • SR用LBBの重さを確認
  • Bread board damper rings
    • Need to check whether we can put a full ring into the chamber from the side flanges or not. -> need modification


  • Get cables/cards for SR3:
    • 5 DSub-37 cables (tent)
    • 5 DSub-15M to DSub-9M adapter cables (tent)
    • 3 DIO cards (tent)
    • 2 DSub-9 FF gender benders (for LVDTs)
    • extra ADC card(s)?
    • extra DAC card(s)?
    • BNC-LEMO adapter (for LVDTs)
    • etc

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