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  * Type-A: Takahashi: Task list, team members
  * Type-B (BS and SRC): Task list, team members
  * Type-A: Leader = Takahashi: Task list, team members
  * Type-B (BS and SRC): Leader = Mark: Task list, team members

VIS Meeting on 2016/1/22

2015/1/22 13:30 -

Kamioka TV conference room + SeeVogh



  • Schedule status (Aso)
  • Repair work on the clean booth ceiling on 1/25(mon) morning.
  • Cleaning of PRM and PR3 chamber in the week of 2/1 (Mon. or Fri). Requesting.


  • PR3 Installation Status (Takahashi)
  • #The frame for the clean bag is bent. We cannot remove the nut. Probably we need to cut the rod once we take the suspension out of the chamber. Need to prepare a replacement rod (Aso)

Plan for the next week

  • Mon:
  • Tue:
  • Wed:
  • Thu:
  • Fri:


  • IOO wants the optical bench back (Aso)
    • Take out the optical table in the next next week.
  • #OpLev interference check (Akutsu)

Plan for the next week

  • Mon:
  • Tue:
  • Wed:
  • Thu:
  • Fri:

iKAGRA ETM suspension

  • Disassembly (and cleaning) of the suspensions (Ohishi)
    • Ultra-sonic machine was broken
  • Procurement of missing parts (Tatsumi, Takahashi)
    • Coil bobin diameter change: the company agreed to change the diameter
    • Connectors for the coils: will use D-SUB. Takahashi designed a plate for D-SUB. Will order to the company (Takahashi)
  • PRM transportation (Tatsumi)
  • Dummy mirror: need to check the status (Takahashi on Monday)
  • Coil winding (Takahashi)
    • Ando lab. students are available for help.

Plan for the next week

Travel Plans

  • Travel (Week of 1/25)
    • Takahashi: Mon-Fri
    • Shoda:Mon-Fri

    • Mark: Mon-Fri
    • Fabian:
    • Okutomi:
    • Fujii: Mon-Fri
    • Ishizaki:
    • Hirata:
    • Ohishi:
  • Travel (Week of 2/1)
    • Takahashi:
    • Shoda:
    • Mark:
    • Fabian:
    • Okutomi:
    • Fujii:
    • Ishizaki:
    • Hirata:
    • Ohishi:
  • Joris: 1/11-1/29

Other Mechanical Issues

  • BF Optimal Weight (Takahashi)
    • Inscription of the number on the BF #1 and BS BF should be done.
    • #Balast masses: Delivery 1/29
  • #Traverser actuation check (Shoda)
  • #PR CAD model and assembly drawings (Hirata)
    • Aso calculated the rotation angle
      • PR3: 0.786deg counter clockwise from the line connecting the centers of the PR3 and BS chambers.
      • Will make a report soon.
  • #Clean work procedure
    • Order clean wipes (Aso)
    • KAGRA should have a special meeting for clean requirements: Will propose another meeting. (Aso)
  • #Wire cleaning (Hirata)
    • Hirata will order 20m more wires. -> Delivered. Will wipe in the next week. -> Finished. Will send to Kamioka soon.

    • Will wash Tungsten wire delivery status -> Delivered. Will wipe in the next week -> Finished. Will send to Kamioka soon.

  • #Production of additional PR winches (Akutsu)
    • Shipping status (Takahashi, Hirata) -> Wrapped. Will be shipped with IP in the next week.

  • #OSEM assembly status (Akutsu)
  • #List of what should be changed for PR3 hanging
  • #Missing items(to be purchased soon)
    • #Traverser motor driver (Shoda) -> Will discuss Uraguchi-san. Need a box for stepping motor driver. -> These are for PR2. Will be ordered sometime.


  • What are necessary in the next few weeks ?
    • Check what are necessary for ETMs: Ask Uchiyama-san for gathering information (Aso).
  • Electronics diagram and review
    • A diagram from Shoda

    • Mark will make overview diagrams of VIS electronics by the end of Jan.
    • Review of PR3 electronics early February
  • LVDT distributor connector problem
    • Miyakawa-san circulated a design of the conversion cable (D9-D15): drawing

  • #Digital System (Okutomi, Fujii)
  • #Cable status (Takahashi)
    • Need to send more PTFE cable to finish the remaining two -> Will do it in the next week

    • Need to send the cables used for the test hanging once it is finished. -> Will send them once the test hanging is disassembled.

  • #Cable check
    • Liu-kun Zhao-kun finished checking all the cables. They found another broken cable.
    • Will send the broken cables together with the other cable related items (Takahashi).

bKAGRA preparation

  • Three big categories of the tasks
    • Type-A: Leader = Takahashi: Task list, team members
    • Type-B (BS and SRC): Leader = Mark: Task list, team members
    • Type-Bp modification: Continue discussion (Aso, Raffaele)

Common Issues

  • Wire breaker problem (Mark, Tatsumi)
    • Prism removal from PR2 (Mark)
    • #SUS wire breaker order status (Takahashi) -> Expected delivery date is 1/22. Waiting for more concrete answer from the company.

    • BS prism preparation
      • Contact the company LIGO used for the possibility of buying sapphire prisms (Mark)

    • Can we make SR wire breakers bigger ? Hirata-san's report.

      • Making it 3mm taller, then the wire will touch the RM
      • Ask Fuskushima-san about the possibility of widening the slits (Takahashi)
  • RM cleaning (Takahashi)
    • Which RMs are really clean ?
    • For the cleaning purpose, using a leutor seems enough

BS and SR

  • Task list (Mark)
  • Flag design (Fabian)
  • IP base clamp (Fabian)
  • Bread board spring (Takahashi)
  • #BS Assembly Frame Design (Aso, Hirata)
  • #BS gluing jigs (Tatsumi)
  • #Not enough crane height problem (Hirata, Saito)
  • #BS clean bag (Aso)

Type A

  • Task list (Takahashi)
  • Fishing rod production status (Takahashi)
    • We may not be able to buy blades in this FY. -> WIll check with the company (Takahashi)

    • Stepping motors and other components can be purchased within this FY. Order by Monday (Takahashi)
  • Type-A Filters Optimal Load Measurements
    • Takahashi will make a plan for the optimal load check and ask ATC.-> Check two filters per month from April 2016. -> Will be presented to the ATC steering committee.

    • #How to manufacture the long maraging wires ?
      • One prototype was machined by Ojima
      • Aoshima can do the heat treatment for the long rod. Will ask them soon (Takahashi) -> Still waiting for a quotation.

      • How to test it ?
        • We can use the prototype assembly frame in TAMA.

#Type-Bp modification


  • Clean wear
  • Work reports
    • Site works: more frequent and detailed e-log. Summary e-log on Friday ?
    • Off-site works: weekly reports or use e-log too.
  • #Installation procedure document
    • Many people need to contribute to the document. However, we need one person responsible for the consistency of the document.
    • BS installation document: Mark will be the editor.
  • #Watch dog system (Tanaka)
    • Presentation at the next AEL meeting
  • #GAS blade inspection by Virgo (Takahashi)
    • Shipped the blades. Will get results in 1-2 months.
  • Safety
    • Safety belts

Next meeting

2015/1/29 (Fri) 13:30 -

The next F2F at Mitaka: 2/19

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