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Participants: Akutsu, Simon, Hirata, Enzo, Mark, Takahashi, Sato, Shoda, Ishizaki, Tanaka, Fujii, Aso Participants: Akutsu, Simon, Hirata, Enzo, Mark, Takahashi, Sato, Shoda, Ishizaki, Tanaka, Fujii, Aso, Raffaele

Agenda/Minutes of the VIS Meeting on 2016/11/18

2016/11/18 13:30 -

Participants: Akutsu, Simon, Hirata, Enzo, Mark, Takahashi, Sato, Shoda, Ishizaki, Tanaka, Fujii, Aso, Raffaele

Progress report

Schedule Chart (PDF,MPP) To Be Updated

Type-A (Takahashi)

  • Minutes of Type-A Meeting

  • Installation: Asking a company the cost and schedule for transportation of Type-A items from the center area to the 2F of Y-end.
  • Pre-isolator: Mechanical assembly of two sets were finished. They will be shipped on 1st December.
    • The PI for SRs will be transported on 21st from Akeno. 6 ACCs were measured at the site.
  • EQ stop, release sensor, dummy payload: Production is on going.
  • BF damper: There was a meeting with the production company on 15th.
  • Maraging wire: Asking the company a quotation. The procurement of material was confirmed.
  • Tooling for installation: Main tools (foothold, chain block, lifer) were ordered. Still asking companies a quotation of the hoist tool.

Type B (Mark)

  • Type B Past Week Summary
    • Mark and Hirata-san worked at Kamioka, with valuable help from Enzo (on loan from Type Bp team).
    • We got all the adapter cables for the BF made (Hirata-san did some work on Monday at Mitaka).
    • We installed the extension for the BF yaw pico on the IM pico adapter cable.
    • We got all the in-vacuum and in-air cabling for the IM OSEMs done.
    • We tried to install the stepper and LVDT adapter cables but realized we didn't have enough information on which wires was which. (We later tracked this info down but did not have time to do anything with it - we would have needed to do the rest of the in-vacuum and in-air cabling and set up the stepper motor and LVDT drivers, so we concentrated on the OSEMs.)
    • We plugged in the IM OSEMs, set gains and offsets, and did a noise test (analysis and klog pending).
    • We mounted the OSEMs on the IRM and routed the cabling neatly.
    • We released the suspension.
    • We adjusted the OSEM mounting plates to center the OSEMs on the flags.
    • We adjusted the OSEMs in/out to midrange.
    • The suspension is now ready for OSEM-OSEM TFs!

Type-Bp (Shoda)

  • One od the TM flags was detached in the vacuum tank
    • One of the TM flag (the one with small amout of the glue) was detached in the vacuum tank when we opened the flange. It was detached after we evacuate the tank and measured some transfer functions. It may be detatched naturally. The one with much glue is still surviving after the accident. It seems that the important thing for the flag on TM is amount of glue rather than shocks. (And we do not know how much Tatsumi-san put glue on them...)
  • Ordering
    • Most of the things for PR3/2 are ordered. Now asking the delivery date.
  • Tools for installation into the vacuum
    • Miyoki-san gave us the information of the chain blocks that can be used in the clean booth. It is expensive. Now I am asking to put the jacks on the inner frame together with the OB installation jigs.
  • Additional IM clamp
    • should be ordered together with PRM/SRM payloads.
  • The EQ stops at Akeno
    • should be cleaned. Takahashi-san is asking the cost estimation.
  • Flag removing
    • Jigs will be delivered till Nov. 31th. Flag removing will be done on Dec. 1st.
  • Assembly frame
    • Will be modified till Dec. 9th.
  • Assembly procedure lecture will be help on Nov. 24th 15:00-.

IMMT (Ohishi)

  • Put a report here

Watchdog system (Tanaka)

  • Put a report here


  • Incidents
  • Foreseen risks


  • PR3 accident: future actions
    • Specific measures for this incident
    • General measures to prevent future accidents
      • Protecting the mirrors
        • Have a review of work procedure before doing any work on moving the mirrors
      • Have a daily briefing of the VIS work before starting the work
      • List up potential hazards (both to human and instruments)
      • Confirm and share the work procedure with all the workers before working on the suspension
      • Discuss about potential hazards (both to human and instruments) at the weekly VIS meeting for the works to be done in the following week

Site work plan for the next week

  • Mon:
  • Tue:
  • Wed: BS
  • Thu: BS
  • Fri: BS

Travel Plans

  • Travel (Week of 11/14):
    • Takahashi:
    • Shoda:
    • Mark: 16-18
    • Fabian:
    • Okutomi:
    • Fujii:
    • Ishizaki:
    • Hirata: 16-18
    • Sato:
    • Enzo: 16-18
    • Ohishi:
  • Travel (Week of 11/21):
    • Takahashi: 21 Akeno
    • Shoda:
    • Mark:
    • Fabian:
    • Okutomi:
    • Fujii:
    • Ishizaki:
    • Hirata:
    • Sato:
    • Enzo:
    • Ohishi:
  • Long term travel plan
    • Takahashi: Dec. -> Mar.

    • Shoda: Dec. -> Mar.

    • Mark: Dec. -> Mar.

    • Fabian: Dec. -> Mar.

    • Okutomi: Dec. -> Mar.

    • Fujii:
    • Ishizaki: Dec. -> Mar.

    • Hirata: Dec. -> Mar.

    • Sato: Dec. -> Mar.

    • Enzo: Dec. -> Mar.

    • Ohishi:

Next meeting

On 2016/11/25(Fri)

VIS F2F: Dec. 2

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