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 * According to the continuity check at F1, disconnection of the LVDT (actuator coil) of BF was found, but we could not find where the break was.  * According to the continuity check at F1, disconnection of the LVDT (actuator coil) of BF was found, but we have not been able to determine where the break occurred.


Zoom Meeting

CRY+VIS Interface Meeting

Date : 13:30-

Participants :

Post O3 Upgrade portal


  • IX: Oplev will be finalized in April. ACC installation will be started in April.
  • IY:
  • EX: Oplev setting is on going. The payload has been released?
  • EY: Installation of the F1 stage was almost finished. Countermeasure for the contamination is scheduled on 4/5-6.


  • Corrugate tube fixing jig: They will be prepared by the end of May.
  • Commissioning in air: From mid. May for IX.
  • Commissioning in vacuum:
  • Acceptance check: Check items for in-air commissioning should be confirmed on the payload. Review of each stage in Type-A tower is necessary.
  • PF actuator: Not evaluated in IX, but after the commissioning for suspension.
  • Jig for FC painting:
  • Overall commissioning: Schedule meeting was held on 3/22.
  • Procedure of TM height setting:


VIS Meeting





* The next week

  • Type-A team: 3/30-31 ACC in IX. 4/1-2 F0 tuning in EX.
  • Type-B team: 3/29-4/2 Remedy in PR3.



  • 16260 Connection of cryo-payload , ryutaro.takahashi

    • 16271 Comment , ryutaro.takahashi

    • 16275 Comment , ryutaro.takahashi


  • 16276 Setup of F1 , ryutaro.takahashi

    • (!) 16288 Comment , ryutaro.takahashi


  • 16234 Common Type-C(MCI,MCE,MCO,IMMT1,IMMT2) model. , satoru.ikeda

    • 16261 Comment , satoru.ikeda

    • 16269 Comment , satoru.ikeda

  • 16252 Common Type-C(OMMT1,OMMT2,OSTM) model. , satoru.ikeda

    • 16262 Comment , satoru.ikeda

    • 16268 Comment , satoru.ikeda


  • 16185 Added MN/PF OpLev to k1visitmxp's Model file. , satoru.ikeda

    • 16278 Comment , satoru.ikeda


  • 16249 Connection of release sensors to DGS , ryutaro.takahashi

  • 16091 Monitoring of IP by ITMY venting , satoru.ikeda

    • 16248 Comment , satoru.ikeda

  • 16249 Connection of release sensors to DGS , ryutaro.takahashi

    • 16251 Comment , naohisa.satou


  • 16242 MCi and MCo oplev TX replacing , tomotada.akutsu

  • 16279 IMC oplev characterization and MCe oplev TX replacing , tomotada.akutsu

  • 16157 Investigation of IMC suspensions , ryutaro.takahashi

    • (!) 16286 Comment , kouseki.miyo


  • 16258 Setting the alignment of PR3. , fabian.arellano

  • (!) 16287 Comparison of PR3 and SR3 wire clamps. , fabian.arellano

  • 16239 Test of PR3 mirror pitch stability using the Donald Trump method. , fabian.arellano

    • 16247 Comment , fabian.arellano

    • 16246 Comment , fabian.arellano

  • 16272 Tightening of the wire clamp screws. , fabian.arellano

    • 16277 Comment , fabian.arellano

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Summary Report


EY cabling

  • According to the continuity check at F1, disconnection of the LVDT (actuator coil) of BF was found, but we have not been able to determine where the break occurred.


TypeBp PR3

This week we did two tasks, both related with PR3 clamps:

  • We measured the gaps in PR3 locating clamps for the 200 um piano wire and
  • We tested applying adhesive to the wires within the grooves in the locating clamps.
  • One magnet from the IM OSEM flags was chipped. We need to get another one. See this picture.

Size of gaps

  • We used thickness gauges.
  • We measured the gaps in different places to take into account that the gaps are not necessarily uniform.
  • The largest gap size was between 170 um and 180 um.
  • The lowest one was between 70 um and 80 um.
  • The tickness of the clamped wire is 200 um.

Gluing test.

  • Using a spare SR style clamp we tested the procedure. Let's see klog 16331 and 16338 for details.

  • The test was successful in the sense that the adhesive went into the gap and the grooves around the wires. However, I wonder if this tiny amount of glue would keep the wires in place.

Is there another option before deciding to hang the mirror again? Yes

  • During the gluing test we saw that the outer locating clamps was not badly scared, neither the tungsten wire. See pictures.
  • In order to access the screws of the inner locating clamps to tighten them we could do something like this:
    • Lock the payload, remove the IRM side panels (already done).
    • Remove the coils from the back ring of the RM in ordet to protect the magnet standoffs.
    • Release the mirror from the RM and withdraw the lower screws by more than a few milimeters.
    • Lift the RM by 3 mm using the screws from the security structure.
    • Loosen the outer locating clamps and move the wires out of the way just enough for the tool to reach the inner screw.
    • Tighten the inner screws with 2 Nm torque.
    • Put the tungsten wires back in the grooves and tighten the clamp again.
    • Lower the RM
    • Etc.
  • Washimi-san and I can do preparation on Monday and on Tuesday we can tighten the screws with Hirata-san.






Travel Plans

The week from 3/29

  • Takahashi: 3/29-4/2
  • Sato: 3/29-4/2
  • Hirata: 3/29-4/2
  • Yano: 3/29-31

The week from 4/5

  • Takahashi: 4/5-9
  • Sato: 4/5-9
  • Hirata: 4/5-9

Next meeting

  • 2021/4/2(FRI)

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