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 * Replacement of Flip cable: EX on 11/25-26. IX in the next week.  * Replacement of Flip cable: EX in this week. IX in the next week.


Zoom Meeting

CRY+VIS Interface Meeting

Date: 2021/11/26 13:00-


Post O3 Upgrade portal


  • IX: Finalization of cryo-payload.
  • EX: Finalization of cryo-payload. Installation of ACCs. Replacement of flip cables.
  • IY:
  • EY:


  • Replacement of Flip cable: EX in this week. IX in the next week.
  • TM height setting: ITMY.
  • Oplev: Setup of the TM Oplev in IY after the TM alignment.
  • ACC: Installed to EX on 11/24-25. Assembly for EY is ongoing.
  • Commissioning in air: GRY.
  • Commissioning in vacuum: Chamber closing is scheduled from 12/13.
  • Overall commissioning:
  • Acceptance check:
  • PF actuator: At the in-vacuum commissioning.
  • New vacuum pumps for V-chambers: 11/24 in IXV.
  • Heater control:
  • Power source for Oplev: The next target is IX.


VIS Meeting

Date: 2021/11/26 14:00-


Summary Report


  • Installed the accelerometers to EX.
  • Replaced the flip cables in EX.


About the BS F1 LVDT problem

  • We identified a place to mount the optical displacement sensor for calibrating the LVDT.
  • The sensor use an area on the BF cap free of ballast masses and cables.
  • It should be held from the pillar of the security structure. Hirata-san and I already have a plan. We'll use some components from Thorlabs and a couple of new pieces.

  • Takase-san finished making holes to electronics adapter box.
  • I did an experiment and it increased the SNR by a factor of 21.
  • Yesterday we covered the flanges of the SR2 and BS chambers and turned the Koach filters off, so today I quickly checked whether the moving peak in F1 LVDT spectra was still there: it is.







See Schedule

  • Type-A team: Finalization of IX and EX.
  • Type-B team:



Travel Plans

(Date in Kamioka)

The week from 11/29

  • Takahashi: 11/30-12/3
  • Sato: 11/30-12/3
  • Hirata: 11/30-12/3

The week from 12/6

  • Takahashi: 12/7-10
  • Sato: 12/7-9
  • Hirata: 12/7-10

Next meeting

  • 2021/12/3(FRI)

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