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Participants: Participants: Takahashi, Fabian, Tanaka, Aso


Zoom Meeting

CRY+VIS Interface Meeting

Date: 2022/8/19 13:00-13:20

Participants: Takahashi, Uchiyama, Yokozawa, Miyoki, Tomaru, Ushiba, Akutsu, Hirata, Yasui, Ikeda, Node

Post O3 Upgrade portal


  • Type-A: Offload of BF GAS in IY.
  • Type-B: Polarity Check of magnets. Investigation of F1 damper. Recovery of geophone signals in SR2/SRM. Preparation for Review.

  • Type-Bp: Oplev rearrangement in PR3. Taking 360deg pictures inside the chambers in the next week.
  • Type-C:


  • Replacement of cables: EXT and IY/EX remain.
  • TM height setting: Type-B in the next week.
  • Oplev: Check of the beam pass in the next week.
  • ACC:
  • Commissioning in air:
  • Commissioning in vacuum: IR beam came to the AS port.
  • Acceptance check: DropboxPaper

  • New vacuum pumps: Side hatch in SRM on 8/23.
  • Heater control: Pending.
  • TMS: Replacement of pressure gauge in EX.


VIS Meeting

Date: 2022/8/19 14:00-14:15

Participants: Takahashi, Fabian, Tanaka, Aso

Summary Report


  • Offloaded the BF GAS in IY.


  • I posted plots comparing BS and SR2 TFs calculated with the Matlab rigid-body model. See klog 21813

  • Review at 15:00 on 19th.






  • Type-A:
  • Type-B: Height check. Rubbing check. Adjustment of F1 damper in BS/SR2. Adjustment of F0 FR in BS. Oplev check (various).
  • Type-Bp:
  • Type-C:



  • How to set the F0 FR in BS?

The present temperature is 23.5. Though we can use the heater on the chamber later, we should keep a margine of the cooling power. 23.2 is optimal?

Travel Plans

(Date in Kamioka)

The week from 8/22

  • Takahashi: 8/22-26
  • Sato: 8/22-26
  • Hirata: 8/22-26

The week from 8/29

  • Takahashi:
  • Sato:
  • Hirata:

Next meeting

  • 2022/8/26(FRI)

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