Scope of the meeting

The face-to-face meeting of KAGRA Collaboration will be held at the University of Toyama in Toyama city. The objective of this meeting is to share the information of the construction status of KAGRA and is to let all members be ready for cooperative work on KAGRA site since this fall. The first priority of this meeting is placed on the determination of the installation schedule. Second, we are facing to reorganize the basic plan of KAGRA due to financial requirement after iKAGRA. To overcome difficulties against KAGRA project, novel ideas or positive proposals are wanted. This meeting will present such opportunity for all KAGRA collaboration members to contribute for the success of KAGRA.

In this meeting, we have a sub-meeting of the International Board of Representatives and social banquet. In the afternoon on 30th, July (Wed), the site tour (KAGRA cavern) will be held. In the morning on 30th, July (Wed), KAGRA Summer School (lectures about Gravitational Wave Physics for BEGINNERS) will be held in the University of Toyama. The venue of the meeting and the summer school is the Multi-purpose Hall on the second floor of the main building of Graduate school of Science (Number 7 in University of Toyama Campus map ).

KAGRA Summer School lectures (30th, July)

KAGRA site tour (Subscribers only, Afternoon 30th, July)

Program (31st July - 2nd August)

31st, July (Thu)

1st, August (Fri)

2nd, August (Sat)

Hotel and Access

As is usual, please reserve your hotel by yourself. The information about hotel near University of Toyama and access to Toyama are here.