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You can get valuable information from help file of TortoiseSVN.<<BR>>
Help --> "Chapter 4. Daily Use Guide"

How to setup and use svn client for Windows users


1. Download svn client software for windows (as of July 2009, version 1.6.3)

2. Double-click the installer and then make an install process

  • If you finished the installation process, your machine should be rebooted.

3. Please click left button on your desktop.

  • If you success to install, you can find "TortoiseSVN" in the menu.
  • Please select "Repo-browser under the above menu.
  • Please input "https://granite.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/svn/LCGT/" to URL.

  • If you require the userID and password, please enter the information as Aso-san announced.

4. Settings

  • If you want to Japanese menu, please select "「TortoiseSVN」-「Settings」".
  • and then select Language to 「日本語」.

Usage of SVN

1. Import

2. Update

3. Commit

You can get valuable information from help file of TortoiseSVN.
Help --> "Chapter 4. Daily Use Guide"

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