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 * The metal.
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 * Take it back to the table and detach some guard parts and check the balance, and attach them;  * Take it back to the table and detach some guard parts and check the balance, and attach them back;


Today's activity

Workers: Akutsu, Simon, Miyo, Hasegawa

  • Received the WAB suspension at the tunnel entrance and brought it into the IYC clean booth with helps by Furuta-san and Nakada-san, and management of Uchiyama-san.
    • Thought we must need new handles for easier transporting the WAB suspension for the future; today we managed somehow.

    • Found bedewing (condensation of water) on the WAB suspension as predicted; gently covered some flat sections of the suspension with vectra10, and left it; in a few hours the dews disappeared.
  • Brought some measurement instruments into the IYC clean booth; they were:
    • a tripod stand (from TypeB)
    • a laser marker (from TypeB but from KEK-GR)
    • two bubble levelers (from TypeB)
    • a height gauge (from TypeB)
  • Brought two burndy cables (one of the two is from IXC) into the clean booth.
  • Brought two heaters each of which is attached to an aluminum plate (Simon delivered with him)
  • Brought a current source (from IXC) near the booth.
  • Brought a tool box (from IXC) near the booth.
  • [Ongoing] Need cares of water springs from anchor bolts for oplev pylons; ongoing.

  • [Ongoing] Need to confirm what are the scratch lines made by the measurement by the KEK team last week.

  • Slightly checked the tilt of the basement optical table located in the IYC chamber with a bubble leveler (mentioned above) by Akutsu; it seems nice; the bubble leveler shows it can measure 0.5mm/1m tilt on its body.
  • Wanted cutters and scissors!!

  • Wanted a clock to know the time easily.
  • Wanted/needed a fiber cleaner to connect oplev source parts; need to get back from Yend.

  • Wanted M6 screw set.

What Simon delivered with him

  • six thermometers; stocked in a plastic box at the entrance of the IYC clean booth.
  • The metal.
  • a coil
  • several nuts
  • two heaters (as mentioned above.)

Tomorrow's plan

  • Pick up a QPD board for the oplev!
  • Pick up OptoSigma parts sent to Akutsu.

  • Pick up parts sent to Simon.
  • Try to locate the WAB suspension to its nominal position.
  • Take it back to the table and detach some guard parts and check the balance, and attach them back;
  • Attach heater plates?
  • Try to connect bundy pins to the heaters??
  • Place bundy cables toward outside?
  • [Slightly done] Check tilt of the basement optical table in the IYC chamber.

  • Check heights of several points.
  • Wash the coil in ethanol at Univ. of Toyama...?
  • Wash nuts in machine cleaner at Mozumi.
  • Take care of water spring??

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