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  * About pitch and yaw, see 20180206.   * About pitch and yaw, see [[../2018-02-06|20180206]].


Today's activities

Workers: Akutsu, Simon, Miyo

  • Continued to check the balance or alignment of the suspended WAB with using a laser marker (レーザー墨出器).
    • About pitch and yaw, see 20180206.

    • Yaw was checked. See here.

  • Changed the power supply unit of the digital system.
  • Assembled a photosensor (PS) head. See here.

    • Cutting out pieces of cupper tubes was tricky at first, but in the end it can be done smoothly (Akutsu).
  • [Ongoing] Need cares of water springs from anchor bolts for oplev pylons.

  • [Ongoing] Need to confirm what are the scratch lines made by the measurement by the KEK team last week.

Next plan

  • Wash the coil and the PS parts in ethanol at Univ. of Toyama...?
  • Complete the assembly of the PS heads with clean parts (or wash them after assembled)
  • Make some patch cables to connect Dsub and the distributor for the PS.
  • Calibrate the PS.
  • Complete the calibration of the oplev; the arm length was reported by Simon, so....
  • Check the balance of the suspended WAB with some wires and sensors are attached.
  • Check how the damping would be now after the replacement of the damping magnets.
  • Check the reproducibility of the alignment of the suspension among several modes.
  • Prepare calibration of photosensors.
  • Check heights of several points.
  • Take care of water spring??


  • A tweezer.
  • Two burndy connectors, vacuum compatible.
  • Chairs in the clean booth
  • Cutters and scissors!!
  • Stages outside the chamber to ease wiping our legs.

  • Good rail(?) to move the WAB suspension in the cryostat in the main beam direction.

  • Chain block? to support the load in the chamber.

  • A clock to know the time easily.
  • M6 screw set.

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