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Here is a list of the benefits of SPI.<<BR>>
Inside ( ) are alternative techniques.
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 * Easier lock acquisition
 * Stabler operation
 * Less up conversion noise
 * Less laser noise coupling
 * Less actuator noise
 * Easier lock acquisition   (Pre-locking of the arms)
 * Stabler operation         (Hierarchical control)
 * Less up conversion noise  (Hierarchical control)
 * Less laser noise coupling (Hierarchical control)
 * Less actuator noise       (Hierarchical control)
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 * Vibration introduced from the heat link  * Vibration introduced from the heat link  (Better heatlink isolation. Local SPI.)

Benefits of SPI

Here is a list of the benefits of SPI.
Inside ( ) are alternative techniques.

Reduction of the RMS motion of the mirrors

  • Easier lock acquisition (Pre-locking of the arms)
  • Stabler operation (Hierarchical control)
  • Less up conversion noise (Hierarchical control)
  • Less laser noise coupling (Hierarchical control)
  • Less actuator noise (Hierarchical control)

Reduction of the seismic noise

  • Low frequency seismic noise
  • Vibration introduced from the heat link (Better heatlink isolation. Local SPI.)

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