Stunning CG illustrations by illustrator Rey.Hori is now available for all the KAGRA Collaborator.

KAGRA Collaborators can use these illustrations for non-profit purposes like public outreach, presentation, poster, scientific articles, institutional web pages, and so on.

Please display credit (c) KAGRA Collaboration / Ray.Hori when you use the image. You may resize, trim, convert to grayscale image or CMYK image for printing, or overlay texts or other images. However, magnification more than 150% of original size, extreme color conversion, and extreme image conversion (photo retouch) are not allowed.

For the usage outside of the collaboration, ask

These illustrations are produced by Tomaru-san's kickoff, advisory and budget securement, CAD data from KEK and NAOJ(Thanks Ueda-san and Hagiwara-san), and Obayashi's affairs management in March 2019.

For any questions or request, ask Obayashi (

Click link below each figures to download png or psd files.

View 1 (original image: A1 size)


View 2 (original image: A2 size)


Cryostat zoom view 1 (original image: A2 size)


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