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 * One PTFE cable should be swapped.  * (EY) One PTFE cable should be swapped.

Ideas for VIS improvement/upgrade


  • Inertial control for Type-B
  • Hierarchical control of Type-A
  • Organize tools for commissioners (auto-measurement, safe.snap, etc...)
  • Noise budgeting
  • Feedforward using seismometers
  • Auto health checking system
  • Measurement-based suspension modeling with system identification
  • Optimized feedback based on a cost function
  • Situation-sensitive filter adaptation with peripheral environmental monitors
  • Robust mode for surfing earthquakes without lock loss


  • Status monitor
  • Better watchdog

Mechanical Repair

  • ETMY GAS filters
  • ITMX and ITMY F0 GAS
  • ITMY BF Yaw pico
  • BS F0 Yaw stepper
  • PRM IM magnet polarization
  • PR2 TM magnet polarizatio
  • Fishing rod repair:
    • SR3 SF: it does not move (klog 8658).
    • SR3 BF: it does not allows us to move the keystone to zero (klog 8658).
    • BS SF: it does not allow us to move the keystone to zero (klog 8645).
    • BS F0: it does not allow us to move the keystone to zero (klog 8645).

Electrical Repair

  • Signal generator cards for LVDT drivers.
  • Renovate unfixed Dsub connections around IP. (Type-A, EY only, memo )

  • (EY) One PTFE cable should be swapped.

Mechanical Upgrade

  • OSTM suspension
  • Jigs for removing the payload part of Type-B/Bp without disassembling everything
  • Rotate the cryopayload of Type A for easy access of the mirror (cleaning, repair, etc)
  • Optical Lever Covers
  • ACCs for inertial damping.
  • New design of GAS filters considering 40kg TM (Memo).

  • Add limit swich on vertical fishing rod.FR BF unit_idea.pdf

  • For Tyep-A, add a damping system for the 2nd-yaw-mode, where BF is at the node.

Electrical Upgrade

  • Connect the Release-sensor's signal to the digital system. (Type-A, If necessary.)
  • PR3 traverser in-vac cabling
  • [Type-A] add another oplev at MN-stage in order to degenerate P and R coupling.

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