GW research exchange meeting

Upcoming GW-REMs

The 102nd REM: someday in September 2019, Friday

The 101st REM / ISAS Astrophysics Colloquium : August 9th, 2019, Friday

The past GW REM talks

The 100th REM: July 12th, 2019, Friday

The 99th REM: June 14th, 2019, Friday

The 98th REM: May 17th, 2019, Friday

The 97th REM: May/10th/2019, Fri.

The 96th REM: Apr./5th/2019, Fri.

The 95th REM: Mar./22nd/2019, Fri.

The 94th REM: Feb./22nd/2019, Fri.

93rd REM: June/15/2018, Fri.

92nd REM June/1/2018, Fri.

91st Dec./8/2017, Fri.

90the Oct./20/2017, Fri.

Archives for the past talks

How to receive the announcements

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