Installation Notes


Porta is an Ubuntu Server.


We used Bind9. Installed it from apt.

The configuration files are all in /etc/bind.

named.conf.local contains the zone definitions for clio domain.

Actual definitions of the DNS records are given in named.hosts and named.rev. named.hosts define the forward name resolution and named.rev is used for reverse name resolution.

After editing those files, run

/etc/init.d/bind9 restart

Use as the DNS server for CDS computers.


NFS is used to share /cvs/cds/kami directory among the CDS computers.

porta uses nfs-kernel-server, which sounds like faster than the normal NFS, but I'm not sure.

The configuration files are /etc/exports, /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny.

It is important to use the same UID for controls on all the CDS computers. The UID of controls on kami2 is 500. So please assign UID=500 to controls in any new CDS machines.

EPICS Gateway

EPICS gateway enables outside computers to access PVs in the CLIO CDS network.

Download EPICS Gateway from

Extract the archive into /cvs/cds/kami/lib/epics/extensions/src.

Do make and make install.

Created a script to run the gateway in /cvs/cds/kami/scripts/EpicsGateway/
runGateway is the script.

gateway.access is used for access control. Syntax of this file is explained in the Access Security section of the "EPICS Application Developer's Guide".



Since python is used everywhere, it is a good idea to keep a local installation of python in /cvs/cds/kami/lib so that all CDS computers share the same version of python.

I installed python under /cvs/cds/kami/lib/python/. In .cshrc, /cvs/cds/kami/lib/python/bin is added to the head of $PATH to override the system installation of python, which is often old.


EPICS is installed in /cvs/cds/kami/lib/epics/.


Trouble on diaggui;


We had a trouble to connect porta from inside of kamioka network because we had double default gatway. When we killed one default gateway this problem happened we guess.

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