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Noise Budgetter

Users manual

  • It plots DARM displacement signal from K1:CAL-CS_PROC_DARM_DISPLACEMENT_DQ, i.e. it plots PROC_DARM*(dewhitening filter).
  • If crashed, go to k1ctr7 and run from a button on the medm screen or commands below:

Button: text describing image


> ssh k1ctr7
> conda activate django-env
> cd /kagra/Dropbox/Personal/Shoda/src/AppTest/
> nohup python manage.py runserver > nohup.out &



  • If you cannot observe any update on the plot even after you click the 'plot' button, please wait a moment and reload the top page (click the top left icon labeled 'NoiseBudgetter').

Developers' manual

  • Currently running from k1ctr7 (because k1ctr7 has the vertual environment.)
  • The server is running in the environment 'django-env.'
  • The scripts are in /kagra/Dropbox/Personal/Shoda/src/AppTest/

What's new

  • Sum of the all noise will be plotted together. (2019/11/12)

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