For collaborator shifts

Collaboration shift routine tasks

  1. When FPMI cannot keep locked state for over 10 minutes or cannot got to lock state
    • ---> call operator shift members

      • contact person (operator shift) on the day is listed with PHONE NUMBER around white board in the control room or see the link JGW-M1910914 (no phone number in this list)

  2. Write "Log book" (JGW-E1911124) on the desk in the control room.

    • Check Guardian status for 5 items, LSC, VIS, IO, Green laser and ALS. Instruction is in below.
    • Put check mark every 2 hours.
    • Write down everything you noticed.
      • Example: lock lost, earthquake, somebody entered mine etc.
  3. Please write klog: before you leave control room.

    • Writing klog is very important. This is only one tool which can show the status in the control room to outside.

    • Account name and password are shown on the white board in the control room.
  4. Leave message on "Takeover note" (JGW-T1605032) on the desk in the control room if you have something to tell to the next shift.

  5. Improve this wiki page if you had something you did not understand well and you found what it is.
    1. Search "KAGRA wiki" in google and access to KAGRA top page.
    2. Go to ERun top page on the second line of KAGRA Top page, and go to "Collaborator shift manuals". That page is this manual.
    3. Login KAGRA wiki, and press "Edit" button around the top left.
      • Account name and password are shown on the white board in the control room.

1. Interferometer locking status screen

2. Check list of the interferometer

How to access to the guardian screen

2-1. Check if the LSC_LOCK Guardian at OBSERVATION state

2-2. Check if all of VIS Guardians are at ALIGNED state

Look at Guardian Overview

OR you can see the VIS status on the Monitor

2-3. Check the IO Guardian

IO guardian.png

IO Guardian should at PROVIDING_STABLE_LIGHT state, if not call operation shift members ASAP!!!(contact person TBD).

2-4. Check the Green Laser status



2-5. Check if ALS_PLLX/ALS_PLLY Guardian is at PLL_LOCK state


Control Room Overview

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