KAGRA information

(1) Because of stormy low pressure, KAGRA was down for almost two days. IFO was recovered around 23:00 on 14th April after bug fixing in several GUARDIANS. This recovery task took 5 hours.

The interfered fringe for GR phase lock for Y was recovered, and several control servo parameters were changed.

However, IFO is not stable at present, and about 30 minute continuous lock is typical. We need more investigation.

(2) Some of CAL tasks were done.

(3) The maintenance for DGS/FCL were done on 14th April.

shift summary

15 th

day maintenance


maintenance and




General information from KAGRA office

(1) The office room will be closed in this afternoon.

(2) R41 situation Restoration of route 41 is still expected to take some time. Bus service between Toyama station and Mozumi continues to be suspended.

With regard to this matter, we would like to inform you that there has been an announcement regarding a measure to make expressway tolls free when detouring via the Tokai-Hokuriku and Hokuriku Expressways.

URL(only Japanese) http://www.hrr.mlit.go.jp/toyama/webfile/t1_88e90e71a7f9f659ea5f465aad0c5117.pdf

information (only Japanese) http://www.hrr.mlit.go.jp/toyama/

(3) COVID information

This is information about COVID-19 in Toyama and Gifu. The URL of Sakura-Cherry blossom- in Toyama 2020-(photo) is attached at the end.

Number of infected person

Toyama prefecture (13th Apr(Mon)) 44people (including 38people in Toyama city) http://www.pref.toyama.jp/cms_sec/1205/kj00021798.html

Gifu prefecture (12th Apr(Sun)) 112people (including 0 people in Hida city) https://covid19-gifu.netlify.com/

Gifu Official infomation 

Declaration of emergency (Friday, April 10)

1 Enhancement and extension of “Stop New Corona 2 Week Strategy” (until May 6) 2 Enhancing and strengthening the medical provision system that can withstand postponement (thorough examination, increasing number of beds, securing medical materials such as masks) 3 New establishment / expansion of economic economy / living employment measures

Video 1:00:46 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UiArswgNic pdf stop COVID-19 Operation for 2 weeks (until 5/6) https://www.pref.gifu.lg.jp/kinkyu-juyo-joho/covid_gifu_hijyojitai.data/20200410covid_gifu_hijyo_taisaku.pdf


Information about infected person

-Parents of infected persons Attend entrance ceremony at School, Toyama City There was one infected person among the parents of Sakuratani Elementary School and Seibu Junior High School in Toyama City. Each attended the entrance ceremony. An 11-month-old boy was also included.

Information sources YAHOO NEWS (April 12 (Sun) 10:27 delivery) https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20200412-00000002-kitanihon-l16

-A woman in her forties working for K Cosmetic Beaute in FAVORE was infected with the new coronavirus. The shopping mall _FAVORE closed on the 12th Apr to disinfect the building.

Information sources webun @ Kita Nihon Shimbun (delivery on Sunday, April 12 at 00:57) https://webun.jp/item/7652999

-The number of infected people in Toyama has increased to 44. Of those, 16 are related to Toyama Municipal Hospital. The hospital will suspend outpatient care for the next week or so. We will stop accepting emergency patients in principle. It seems that surgery will not be performed for the time being, except for emergency cases.

Information source webun Kita-Nihon Shimbun (April 12 (Sun) 00:50 delivery) https://webun.jp/item/7652966 YAHOO NEWS (April 12 (Sun) 15:32) https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20200412-00000003-kitanihon-l16

Sakura-Cherry blossom- in Toyama 2020-Please Let's enjoy this phot- https://webun.jp/item/7651556 (4/7 Osano / Shion Senbonzakura) https://webun.jp/item/7652501 (4/10 Shiroyama Park) https://webun.jp/item/7652781 (4/11 Kurehayama Park) https://webun.jp/item/7652779 (4/11 Kishiwado River) https://webun.jp/item/7653022 (4/12 Toyama Castle Park)

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