DMG Observation Shift Manual

This is brief manual for the observation shift of iKAGRA.

To Do

1. Check the data transfer system status

- check the stauts flags

- check the log meggasge

- record the temperature and humidity

According to the check-sheet print available at the control room (if not, you can find in wiki page), the observational shift members have to check the DMG software status monitor on the console every 2 hours. The console is placed in the server room next to the control room.

The observational shift members may check the log output on the lower part of the screen of the console, when checking the DMG Monitor. A red message will appear, if a fatal error happens. Since only a few lines are displayed at a time, don't worry even if you miss several red messages. If fatal, they would appear again anyway. Yellow messages indicate warnings and you may ignore them.

A temperature and humidity monitor is placed at the behind of DMG computer rack. Record the value in the check sheet.

2. Emergency call

In case of emergency, the observational shift have to send Email to

, and wait the response. Usually, DMG core member will reply and take care the tourble. If there will be no reply/contat from DMG core members until 12 hours after the first Email, please call by phone. You may found the phone number in the control room.

The emergency cases of DMG are below

- stopping the DMG system,

- sudden power-outage,

- Network trouble,

- suspition of hardware touble,

- etc.

3. Note

Fans of DMG servers will make large sound (high speed circulation) at 23:00 every night. This is self test of fans, normal operation. The sounds will decrease afetr 20-30 seconds. Don't worry about it.

How to check


check-sheet pdf (JGW doc) is here : (

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