Mode Cleaner Suspensions

Each MC suspension has 4 coils and 2 pico-motors (pitch, yaw).


Each iKAGRA ETM suspension has 4 coils and 4 pico-motors (pitch:1-6, yaw:2-7, z:3-8, y:4-9).

If you find a problem about coil-magnet actuator, please check 2 things.

1. Coil drivers in particular for Y-end had a loose connection with power line (-18V, -15V).

Please check the LED on coil driver. If the LED is out, try to fasten the power line.

2. Sometimes watchdog? system stop the output current from the coil driver in order to protect mechanical system.


Check the PR3 status according to the flowchart below.

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Details of the check points

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How to troubleshoot


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