There are two precision coolers for the PSL room. Normally one of them is operated in the "quiet mode".
Sometimes two are operated for "working mode".

  1. Preparation before operation

    • Check the temperature is displayed in the "(1)" in Control Panel . If not call S. Miyoki or H. Hayakawa.

    • Please remember that the air slide type shutter that is situated at the connection point between the box shape cooler body and the air duct should be open when you operate the coolers. The slide shutter can easily slide by hands.
  2. How to operate the Precision Cooler for PSL room

    • Push (3)"RUN/STOP" in Control Panel

    • You can hear the sound of fun and see LED horizontal illumination in (9). Red shows heating power, while green shows cooling power.
    • Push (5)"SET" for 2 seconds, then you will see the present target temperature.
    • Push (6)(7) for change the blinking number. Push (8) to change the order position.
    • If you set your target value, push (5) shortly.
    • That's all
  3. Explanation Sheet (In Japanese) by the AirTech Inc.

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