Procedure for requesting circuit production

  1. Submit a request form to JGWDoc: by each subgroup to AEL with following 3 items, and then please contact to AEL chief.

    1. Request form: T1402527

    2. Design of schematic diagram: by each subsystem
      • AEL may introduce existing schematic diagrams (EX.LIGO DCC)
    3. Design of PCB digram: by each subsystem or AEL
      • AEL may introduce existing PCB diagrams (EX.LIGO DCC)
  2. Discussions for design and schedule among subgroup and AEL members
    • Design of chassis and front/rear panels: by each subsystem or AEL
    • Agreement with the final design between AEL and subgroup with some detailed information ex. conectors, gender
    • Schedule for production
  3. Selection and order for electronic parts: by AEL
  4. Manufacturing boards: by AEL
  5. Soldering electronic parts: by AEL
  6. Manufacturing chassis: by AEL
  7. Assembling boards, connectors cables and etc. into chassis: by AEL
  8. Inspection: by each subsystem (or AEL)

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