two Pcals before installation of cryogenic payload at X and Y end

Development phase of Pcal

  1. Estimate the laser position due to minimal elastic deformation
  2. Define the optical design of periscope
    • Define the diameters of mirrors for periscope
    • CAD drawing(step file)
    • Beam simulation using ZEMAX
    • Scattering simulation using Light Tools
    • Decision of mirrors(Thorlabs)
    • Decision of final design of periscope
  3. Development of periscope
    • Vacuum test in KEK (outgas; need Baking?)
    • Optical test using low class laser
  4. Decision of PCAL design
    • KAGRA Pcal emitter design (Discussion with Prof.Rick)
    • KAGRA Pcal receiver design (Discussion with Prof.Rick)
    • Simulation of end to end optical path
  5. Decision of window specification
  6. Decision of Periscope installation
  7. Copy from Gold standard to Working standard for KAGRA
  8. Make optical table for integrating sphere calibration in Toyama uni.

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