Environment setting

If you need to install from scratch, will be helpful. Error happens with igwn-py38. ligo-summary-3.7 is OK.

In Kashiwa, m31

> source /gpfs/sw/conda/etc/profile.d/
> conda activate igwn-py39-20220707

(Warning!: Hveto does not work properly for the latest one, igwn-py39-202201102. Below, igwn-py39-202200707 was used.)

In Kamioka, k1det0

> source /cvmfs/ > conda activate igwn-py38

> conda activate ligo-summary-3.7

Manual script

Script for kashiwa server


> ./ 2020-04-10 > log.dat 2>&1

Important parameters


ini file

Important parameters

Note for developer

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