1. If you do not understand the meaning of modifying a model file, just stop here. Otherwise you may break whole system.
  2. When you modified an existing model file (extension: .mdl) using Simlink on Matlab at /opt/rtcds/tst/x1/core/advLigoRTS/trunk/src/epics/simLink/, you need to rebuild the model.
  3. Make it sure you are on RT PC like standalone.
  4. Move proper directly

    >cd /opt/rtcds/tst/x1/core/advLigoRTS/trunk
  5. If you build x1x30 for example,

    >make uninstall-x1x30
    >make x1x30
    >make install-x1x30
    >make install-daq-x1x30
    >make install-screens-x1x30

    , instead the above, easier way is just to type

    ./dbuild x1x30
    on the same directly. 'dbuiild' command is a script to make all the process above.

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