How to change model name or DCU number on standalone setpu.

  1. Make a new .mdl RT model file under /opt/rtcds/rtscore/release/src/epics/simLink/ using Simlink of Matlab, or copy the existing .mdl file there.
  2. If you need to change dcuid on an existing model, start matlab on 'desktop1' PC, open the k1x01.mdl for example, and change dcuid on left top box.
  3. Go RT PC as

    ssh -Y XXX
    (XXX = RT PC host name like standalone)
  4. > cd /opt/rtcds/rtscore/release
  5. build model as

    > make xxx
    > make install-xxx
    (xxx = model name like k1x01)
  6. Verify no error message. If you see error message about testpoint.par when you build the new model, just delete testpoint.par and build again. Don't forget to build all the model again you need to run if you delete testpoint.par.
  7. Then edit /etc/rtsystab. Write down the new model name or change existing model name to the new one.
  8. Edit /opt/rtcds/kamioka/k1/target/fb/master
  9. And /opt/rtcds/kamioka/k1/target/fb/daqdrc if you changed DUC number.
  10. /opt/rtcds/tst/kamioka/k1/gds/param/testpoint.par should be modified automatically when you build, but you should check it.
  11. define and activate DAQ channels by

    > daqconfig &
  12. kill old model like

    > killyyy

    (yyy = existing old model name like k1x01) and start the new model by typing

    > startxxx

    (xxx = model name like k1vex) from any directly. Note that if you changed IOP like k1x01, you have to kill slave RT model running on the IOP first like killk1vex and then type killk1x01. Then start the new IOP first, start the new slave RT model second. Or just reboot RT PC as

    >sudo reboot

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