Dolphin Trouble Shooting

When Dolphin connection must be disabled?

  1. Before front-end computer is rebooted
    • by executing reboot command

    • by executing shutdown -r command

  2. Before front-end computer is shut down (See also How should we boot up)

    • by executing shutdown -h command

    • by shutting down from the Web interface
    • by pressing a power button

*** An exception ***

How to check Dolphin connection is enabled or disabled?

  1. Open MEDM screen: [sitemap] -> [CDS] -> [Dolphin]

  2. Press button labelled "dxadmin"

  3. Enter password
  4. Press "connect"

  5. Press "OK"

*** How to see Dolphin manager interface ***

How to disable Dolphin connection?

  1. Open MEDM screen: [sitemap] -> [CDS] -> [Dolphin]

  2. Press button labelled front-end computer name
  3. Enter password
  4. Wait until displaying the message as "disabled"

How should we boot up?

  1. Disconnect Dolphin cable from the front-end computer
  2. Boot up (press power button) the computer
  3. Connect Dolphin cable just after starting PXE boot process

How should we restore when the Dolphin glitch occurs?

Contact DGS folks first

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