ligoDV is a LIGO's detchar tool on matlab, where you can obtain data from NDS server and plot in the various ways using GUI (time series, spectrum, spectrogram, coherence, and so on).

Originally, it's a tool to access to data from a remote place, but in KAGRA case, at least for now, it's available only in the CDS network. It's convenient when you want to have data on matlab workspace to do some calculation, calibration, and fancy plotting.

How- to

ligoDV is available on a matlab on k1script. On any workstation, type following on a terminal,

$ ssh -Y k1script

On k1script, open matlab,

$ matlab

On the top of the matlab main screen, choose APPS tab. Then choose ligoDV icon.

For data access, set the server name and port as k1nds0 or k1nds1 and port 8088.

For the installation, J Areeda in LIGO/Cal State Fullerton helped us.

Remote Access

In our to-do list...

ligoDV web

Future project...

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