How to use userapps svn

userapps svn

All the models, medm screens, scripts, burt files , filter files, daq files and guardian files are stored on Hongo svn.

Hongo svn can be accessed from web browser:

Ask the contact person, Y. Michimira, for the username and password.

To checkout the userapps repository on your local machine,

> svn co

If you are using an windows machine, you might need to install the svn software first. Ask google.

How to use them on control room's workstations

To check the svn status, type the following on the terminal

> svn status

M: locally modified A: locally added D: locally deleted They are to be checked in (svn commit). ?: locally created, but svn doesn't recognize this file.

If you modify userapps materials from the work station in the control room, make sure to check in your changes.

> svn commit -m "your log message about the modification."

When you create a new file or a new directory in userapps, please upload them as well.

> svn add newfilename
> svn commit -m "your log message about the change"

If you want to delete any file,

> svn delete yourfilename
> svn commit -m "your log message about the change"

Also, see another wiki entry bout svn usage,, or ask google about more svn instructions.

Please checkin your changes every time you develop userapps!

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