Setup CDS software on Workstations


  1. change controls UID to 1001, and controls GID to 1001 because all of the CDS files owned by controls account with UID=1001 and GID=1001. see

  2. sudo chown 1001 /frames
    sudo chown -R 1001:1001 /frames/*
    sudo chown 1001 /opt
    sudo chown 1001 /opt/apps
    sudo chown 1001 /opt/rtcds
    sudo chown -R 1001:1001 /opt/apps/*
    sudo chown -R 1001:1001 /opt/rtcds/*
  3. sudo apt-get install tcsh
  4. change default shell to tcsh
  5. sudo apt-get install g++
  6. Install Matlab with simulink at /opt/apps/linux64/matlab
  7. install NFS client as

    sudo apt-get install nfs-common
  8. add in /etc/fstab

    standalone:/opt/rtcds   /opt/rtcds      nfs     rw,bg,soft       0       0
    standalone:/opt/rtapps  /opt/rtapps     nfs     rw,bg,soft       0       0
    standalone:/opt/cdscfg  /opt/cdscfg     nfs     rw,bg,soft       0       0
  9. add in /etc/hosts standalone desktop1
  10. sudo reboot 


EPICS installation

fftw installation

grace installation

dataviewer compilation

metaio installation

Root compilation

GDS compilation

GDS is also maintained in a CDS Subversion repository. So, as with dataviewer, we will checkout the gds repository, export it, and build from there. The configure will use some switches to limit the build to non-DMT tools and to add EPICS tools.

  1. mkdir /ligo/cds/project/repos/gds
  2. cd /ligo/cds/project/repos/gds
  3. svn co --username=<first.last>

  4. cd trunk
  5. svn export . /ligo/cds/project/gds-2.14.2
  6. cd /ligo/cds/project/gds-2.14.2
  7. ./bootstrap
  8. export GDSBUILD=online
  9. ./configure --prefix=/opt/apps/linux64/gds-2.15.0 --enable-only-dtt --with-epics=/opt/apps/linux64/epics

  10. make
  11. make install
  12. cd /opt/apps/linux64/
  13. ln -s gds-2.15.0 gds

TDS installation

Not installed software

How to put icon on panel bar

  1. Make a Custom Application Launcher by right click on panel bar and select Add to Panel. In "Command" put like

    tcsh -c 'cd /opt/rtcds/tst/x1/medm/ && /opt/apps/linux64/epics/extensions/bin/linux-x86_64/medm -displayFont fixed -x'

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