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Applied Optics vol 55, No 9

KAGRA schematics

Photos around MCE

P6270019.jpg P6270020.jpg P6270022.jpg P6270023.jpg P6270024.jpg P6270026.jpg P6270027.jpg P6270029.jpg P6270031.jpg P6270033.jpg

Tilt Sensor Circuit


Digital Signal Processing

Kyuman's algorithm

Experimental note


Coveringtest_0823_1 Coveringtest_0823_2


OL_cal_note OL_cal_fig


Followup experiment

Discussion for paper

Spectra comparison between the mine and the follow-up experiment

Spectra when we excited P or Y of MCE (for calibration)

Spectra for area checking (P)

Spectra for area checking (Y)

Calibrated Spectra

Calibrated Drift

Oplev noise floor change

Oplev follow up investigation

Peak height of MCE yaw excitation on oplev

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