MIR Meeting on 2021/10/27 15:00 - 16:00

Participants: Matteo, Haoyu, HYamamoto, Abe, KYamamoto, Marc, Marco, Katsuki, Simon, Aso, Michimura

Next meeting

2021 November 24, 15:00 - 16:00


  1. Report from KYamamoto-san about Q measurement at cryo temperature
    • new contact point (from 2mm to 1mm) for disk suspension seems promising but has some stability issue -> new contact point with 1.5mm will be tested

    • measured Q for 20(x2) layer stack is 8e-4 which is larger than expected -> the impact in BRSE sensitivity seems to be <2%, impact in DRSE will be investigated by MIF

  2. Report from Simon about birefringence paper
    • impact of input beam direction is being investigated -> does not seems to impact in the measurement at the first order

    • for future works, the impact of c-axis direction will be evaluated
  3. Report from Marc on measurements
    • currently measuring TAMA #1 sample (Shinkosha)
  4. Report from Haoyu on birefringence simulations (from TWE)
    • correct orientation angle of TWE maps has been obtained, computation with general model ongoing


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