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   * Type-A resonant frequency etc...    * Type-A resonant frequency [[https://gwdoc.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/cgi-bin/private/DocDB/ShowDocument?docid=11116|JGWDoc11116]]
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  * Until Jan. 13th, ASC and lock trial of the PRFPMI will be higher priority
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  * Identification of the =100Hz noise source   * Identification of the ~100Hz noise source
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   * Jitter noise analysis
    * Camilla and Washimi-san evaluated the jitter noise at PSL room, but two order lower than current noise
    * But, we don't know the higher frequency
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  * We would like to inject sound or vibration to AS, POP and TMS table
   * Long term PEM evaluation

 * ICRR Kyodo-riyo
  * Yokozawa and Washimi-san prepared
  * We would like to inject sound or vibration to AS, POP and TMS table
  * Long term PEM evaluation
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  * This week(Friday?)
   * Evaluate the optical levers
    * Check OpLev cover is enough for O3 or not
    * Resonant frequency
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  * 01/15(Wed) ??   * 01/15(Wed) (Maybe expanded)
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   * Where is the PZT shaker driver?
   * Acoustic injection -> Shaker injection
  * Shaker injection2 (Washimi, Camilla)
   * Bluetooth shaker + Chromebook [[http://klog.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp/osl/?r=12187]]
   * optical table, oplev, ...
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   * He is writing the thesis
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  * Suspension resonant frequency (with CRY and VIS team)
  * Post ER report1
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  * Beam jitter study (Follow Camilla study, reported by Yokozawa?)   * Vibration injection to ETMY
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  * Trigger analysis with ER run for the part of the PEM

Weekly PEM meeting

  • 2020/01/14(Tue) 16:00-(JST)
  • Regular meeting meeting (Japanese)
  • Web meeting with Zoom2 (Zoom2)


General issue

  • Interferometer status
    • December 17-24 24h engineering run
      • wiki

      • We also held the post ER. We turned off the FFUs and vacuum pumps
    • Lock acquisition to PRFPMI
    • There is still some peaks in the lower frequency
    • Peaks appeared at higher frequency
      • PEM injection to REFL table
    • After that, we will move to noise hunting
    • ~100Hz noise and line noise of the higher frequency -> PEM

  • PEM plan January
    • Identification of the ~100Hz noise source
      • (Maybe, ) the dominant noise for lower frequency may come from suspension
    • After the success of the PRFPMI (or chance to operate the FPMI), we would like to do following things
      • Understanding the coupling function detected at the refl table
        • At the some point, we detected the larger coupling function
        • Periscope or some optics?
    • We would like to inject sound or vibration to AS, POP and TMS table
    • Long term PEM evaluation
  • PEM festival
  • Conference
  • PEM injection
    • Shaker injection1 (TTanaka, Yokozawa)
    • acoustic injection (TTanaka, Yokozawa)
      • PSL, REFL and AS table injection
      • Analysis is ongoing
    • magnetic field injection (Niigata Tanaka, Fujikawa, Yokozawa)
      • Effect of the air cooler magnetic field
      • AS, REFL table injection
      • He is writing the thesis
  • Newtonian noise measurement
    • Thank you for Virgo PEM member!
    • Francesca mainly measured the newtonian noise
    • We will discuss in 21st. Jan.(Virgo KAGRA PEM meeting)
  • PEM measurement
    • Someday : Effect of the sound to DARM displacement
    • Someday : Environmental check around BS (including the POP)
    • Someday : Evaluation of the table cover
    • Someday : SR2 and SR3 optical lever (Reflection light from SRM?)

Each progress

  • Yokozawa
    • Planning toward the O3 run
  • Washimi
    • post ER JGW-G2011165

    • Vibration injection to ETMY
    • Sound reverberation study (KAGRA & Virgo)

  • Kozakai
    • Offline detchar report for the part of the PEM
  • TTanaka(ICRR)
  • Fujikawa
    • Lock loss study2
    • fujimopy
  • TTanaka(Niigata)
    • Magnetic field from air cooler and compressor
    • Magnetic field injection to AS and REFL table
  • etc

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