1. Login
    • ssh -Y controls@k1sum0
      cd git/ligo-summary-pages/configurations/k1
  2. Modify your configuration file.
    • If there is no configuration file for your subgroup, copy a configuration file for other subgroup.
    • If you generate new configuration file, tell the subgroup name to TYamamoto to include the automatic generation of daily summary page.
  3. To learn how to write it, read good examples of other configuration files (git/ligo-summary-pages/configurations/k1/*.ini and git/ligo-summary-pages/configurations/l1/*.ini).

Minimum manual


; Semi-colon means this line is the comment
; Half-width space are required on both side of equal(=).
; When the multi-channels are drawn in one graph, the indent is required.
parent = TST
name = test page 
shortname = test

0 = K1:FEC-7_CPU_METER.max,m-trend,
0-title = IFO
0-label = LSC,ASC0
0-ylabel = 'time [us]'


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