foreword = The plots shown below characterize the sensitivity and
  status of each of the LIGO interferometers as well as the 
  <a href=''>Virgo</a> detector in Cascina, Italy and the 
  <a href=''>GEO600</a> detector in Hanover, Germany. <br>
  For more information about the plots listed below, click on an image to read the caption.
  Use the tabs in the navigation bar at the top of the screen for more detailed information about
  the LIGO, Virgo, and GEO interferometers.


1-caption = This plot represents the median noise of each interferometer measured over the course of the day. The measured output of each interferometer, calibrated to units of gravitational wave strain, is shown as a function of frequency. Since the amplitude of a gravitational wave signal changes with frequency, the shape of this curve determines each detector's sensitivity to incoming gravitational waves. This plot is often referred to as the "noise curve".


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