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Made a memo page for later use.
Made a memo page for later use: [[KAGRA/subgroup/AOS/TMSY1]]


Today's activities

Workers: K. Nagano, Ko. Yamamoto, Akutsu

  • Today's activities were complicated as summarized here.

  • Once put two steering mirrors, which can reflect both 532/1064nm light, and had the green beam go outside of EXT
  • Constructed a periscope for IR beam taking advantage of the output green beam, assuming the beam path of the two color would not so different.
  • But we changed our mind as summarized here.

  • Installed a harmonic BS and a 3rd BRT lens for green, according to Morozumi's idea.
  • As described above, a question is the position of the 3rd BRT lens.


Made a memo page for later use: KAGRA/subgroup/AOS/TMSY1

Next plan

  • Realize why the best 3rd BRT lens for green's location is now there? It is inconsistent with Morozumi's calculation. Due to the improper mode match (the distance betwen the lenses there) in the input table near the PR2 chamber??
  • Measure the height with a laser leveler?
  • Make GPT on the optical table
  • Make a model to drive signals from the TMS
  • Check the response of the TMS by swinging BS, PR2, PR3... etc... with commissioning people
  • Endのend用のフランジとりつけ。たぶん最後のほうで。
  • そこのフランジにとりつける透過光用ビューポート。まだ柏にあるはず。
  • 外側の光学定盤の上の取り回しを考えよ。


  • Four M10 eye bolts

  • M8 SDC bolts? to tighten the top plate to the stage body are shortened!

  • Markers (black and white)

From VIS

  • Four clean slings (from Hirata-san)

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